August 28 2005
The One Ring......TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!

Oh man, Flash animations are waaaaay too much fun.

Junior year=super mondo amounts of homework. This weekend alone I had a history paper to write, a spanish poem to finish, Etymology definitions, and history info to read (which I still haven't done). Last year I think I only had homework on the weekends like 3 times.....=P I'm not really complaining, it's just surprised me.


Watch it. it's amazing.

Grace's party=mucho fun. First spaghetti Factory trip, first laser quest game...hehehehe....very, very fun. =) Plus, our waiter looked like Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge, and we got him to sing....well, he did a little bit. =P Plus the funny looks we got from the crazy people in Nashville for wearing prom dresses made it more interesting....

~Rachel =)

Sarah Vermillion

August 28 2005
Oh I'll give them a dental plan... the one dental plan... TO RULE THEM ALL!!!


August 28 2005
you're behind...graham and i say so :p


August 30 2005
Yay, everyone had fun! I was worried for a little while...


August 30 2005
i love you rachel! I dont get to see you much anymore :( we need to have a potluck some time =)


September 03 2005
Yeah, this year is gonna be hard. Oh and I've done the spaghetti factory and laser tag thing, but not in prom dresses, thats definetly interesting to say the least!