how people amaze me...

September 28 2007

so this has been one of the best weeks of my life....


i mean its kinda wierd to think about... but somewhere in the back of my head i feel like god shows me signs everyday of what he wants out of me and its usually through the people that i randomly meet...


for example... i just became a member of the campus entertainment board... and i met this amazing person... and not in the OMG HES SO HOTT amazing.. like this person is seriously a genuinly amazing person... he has so much depth... and in the 2 or 3 times we have hung out he knows more about me then some of my "friends" especially some of the other guys in my life... and in these few times we have been together he has taught me sooooo much about myself and others... its truly amazing.... plus no one has ever made me laugh as much as he has....


in all seriousness i have never been so excited about spending time with someone only because i feel like i learn so much about myself and others just from being with this person...


i dunno... its so crazy... especially after the past few weeks to now have him in my life... its just such a blessing...


i'll be the last person to talk to you about religion... especially cause im not really sure what i believe these days.. i mean dont get me wrong i believe in god... its just the specifics of everything that still doesnt settle with me... 


i dont even know where i was going with this post... i just sometimes feel like rambling on about my feelings and emotions cause hell im a girl and its just what i do... hahaha


well thats about it i think.... im just having a super week... minus the fact that i have 3 tests next week that i havent exactly started studying for.. OOPS!


but one of my best friends is coming in town today... AND IM SOOO EXCITED!!!! shes so kick ass.. i love her!!!


well thats really it....


till next time...


breathe in breathe out

tell me all of your doubt

everybody bleeds this way,

just the same


breathe in breathe out

move on and break down

if everyone goes away

i will stay 


we push and pull

and i fall down sometiems

and im not letting go

you hold the other line 


cause there is a light

in your eyes...


hold on hold tight

from out of your sight

and everything keeps moving on


hold on hold tight

make it through another night

everyday there comes a song with the dawn 


we push and pull

and i fall down sometimes

and im not letting go

you hold the other line


cause there is a light in your eyes


breathe in and breathe out 


look left look right

to the moon and the night

everything under the stars is in your arms 


cause there is a light in your eyes... in your eyes 



to everyday happiness....