my weekend...

September 24 2007

 so this weekend was pretty interesting... lets start with thursday...

i had my first CEB event... it went really well.. i met some great people... and had a lot of fun.. it was just really long... but it was still fun


friday i got to spend some time with some really great people... i had girls night with some of my best girls and then had an amazing rest of the night! ;)


saturdays game was pretty cool.. sara and i had terrible seats so we went and sat with kevin, who came up with his grad student friends from memphis. i also got to meet up with a bunch of his friends and hang out with them that night.. it was lots of fun... but i kinda felt like the youngster for a bit..hahahaha

 -oh and i came out of saturday with a battle scar... hahaha im so intense!!!-


well sunday was nice and chill... i just slept in and chilled and did a little homework... had some interesting calls that day from a friend who i forgot i texted sat. night... it was so sweet he was calling to make sure i made it home ok... he's so sweet! hahaha 


 but now its monday night.. and yeah classes weren't too bad today but i have a ton of work to do before tomorrow.. and really i just dont want to do it... bah!!!


but yeah... i'm excited cause i have a job!!!! i start thursday!!! yay!!! and i got an email from my boss from this summer and we have a bonus check coming in the mail!! sweet!!!!


and yeah im going to indiana this weekend with sara... its gonna be a blasty blast!!


well i think thats about all thats going on... im sure this is the most retarded post ever.. but oh well... its late... and sometimes im retarded so there....


till next time!