my grandfather...again...

February 01 2006
I went to dinner last night with my fam and got informed that my grandfather is BACK in the hospital.  i think the deal is that his legs were bothering him again real bad (he has restless leg syndrome) and they also think he might have pnemonia again (which he had LAST time he went into the hospital around Thanksgiving/Christmas) pleeease pray! also, steve's daddy is in the hospital in the ICU because he wasn't feeling good and his oxygen and CO2 levels are at the opposite end of the spectrum from where they're supposed to be. so, please pray for both of them!!!! thanks!

bored at work...again!

January 27 2006

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"B      Philosophy, psychology, and religion" out of the MLA handbook

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. Where are your fingers?
behind the desk at the LRC

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
umm...i think it was my tape of Days of our Lives ha!

4. Without looking, guess what time it is?
5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
the doors closing while people walk out of the LRC

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
walking to work

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
 la's post about zaxby's that made me jealous!

9. What are you wearing?
kappa delta homecoming shirt from last year, jeans, and my birkenstocks

10. Did you dream last night?
everybody dreams multiple times every night...the question is, do we remember them??? but yes, i remember one of mine from last night :)

11. When did you last laugh?
um...when i was talking to meg and emily when they came to watch an opera

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
umm...doors, windows, white paint

13. Seen anything weird lately?
hmm....I saw a truck yesterday with a picture of an aborted fetus on the side...that was weird and upsetting (amen linda! that was disturbing!)

14. What do you think of this quiz?
different and i like it!

15. What is the last film you saw?
uh...i just watched the beginning of "rhapsody in blue: the story of gershwin" at was pretty good!

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
an apartment in mannhattan! oh and a powerbook :)

17. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
I would get rid of laziness

18. Do you like to dance?
when i'm in the mood :)

19. George Bush:

eh, i'm not so sure anymore...

20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?:
i haven't thought about it

21. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?:

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?
It's in the plans!

23. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
welcome, my child

boredom at work leads to...

January 23 2006

The Best Survey

* . . About You . . *

Eye Color::
Hazel (but more green than brown) 

Hair Color::
um we're going to go with a dark blonde/light brown 


Favorite Color::
pink or red or blue or green

Screen Name::

Favorite Band::
avenge sevenfold ;) 

Favorite Movie::
Pirates of the Caribbean!!

Favorite Show::
sex and the city or days of our lives

Your Car::
a red chevy cavalier

Your Hometown::

Your Present Town::
Murfreesboro, i'm real interesting...

Your Crushes First Name::

Your Grade::
SENIOR in college! ahh!

Your Style::
i'm pretty unique...if anything i'd say preppy

* . . Have You Ever . . *

Sat on your rooftop?:
:( no 

Kissed someone in the rain?:
hehe does snow count?? :)

Danced in a public place?:
oh yeah!

Smiled for no reason?:
hehe i seem to be doing that a lot lately

Laughed so hard you cried?:
do you know me at all?

Peed your pants after age 8?:
mmmm maybe while laughing a little bit but that's all

Written a song?:
ha i tried but it sucked

Sang to someone for no reason?:
once again, do you know me at all!?

Performed on a stage?:
all the time and love it 

Talked to someone you don't know?:

Gone out of your way to befriend someone?:

Made out in a theatre?:

Gone roller skating since 8th grade?:
haha yes and will be in a couple of weeks!

Been in love?:

* . . Who was the last person to . . *

Say HI to you?:
a girl that just walked into the LRC

Tell you, I love you?:
my mommy 

Kiss you?:

Hug you?:

Tell you BYE?:

Write you a note?:

Take your photo?:

Call your cell phone?:

Buy you something?:
ashley bought my dinner last night! woo! 

Go with you to the movies?:
steve, griff, and amanda 

Sing to you?:
steve :)

Write a poem about you?:
i'm not sure if anyone ever has

Text message you?:

Touch you?:

* . . What's the last . . *

Time you laughed?:
this morning at work

Time you cried?:

Movie you watched?:
remember the titans 

Joke you told?:
eh, probly the string in a bar joke ha!

Song you've sang?:
dialogues...i can't get it outta my head!

Time you've looked at the clock?:
9:00 am

Drink you've had?:

Number you've dialed?:

Book you've read?:
um, probly redeeming love by francene rivers

Food you've eaten?:
shanghai wings from chilis

Flavor of gum chewed?:
um, mint?

Shoes you've worn?:
nike shocks

Store you've been in?:

Thing you've said?:
"that man right there..."

* . . Can You . . *

Write with both hands?:
yeah, but the left side looks kinda funny

not very well

Blow a bubble?:

Roll your tounge in a circle?:

Cross your eyes?:

Touch your tounge to your nose?:

sometimes i think i can... ;)

haha unintentionally! 

Stay up a whole night without sleep?:
definately not tonight! but probably yeah! 

Speak a different language?:
i sing in different ones :)

Impersonate someone?:

Prank call people?:

Make a card pyramid?:
never been bored enough to try 

Cook anything?:
as long as it has directions :)

* . . Finish The Line . . *

If i were a ...:
cheese puff, you better not eat me. I might just make your stomach hurt. (haha rachael!)

I wish ...:
that i didn't have any emotional scars

So many people don't know that ...:
I actually can be quiet!

I am ...:
a DIVA!!! 

My heart is ...:
very vulnerable right now, but i have trust it will not be taken for granted again :)

i don' t know...

January 20 2006
"Written on the body is a secret code only visible in certain lights;
the accumulations of a lifetime gather there.  In places the palimpsest
is so heavily worked that the letters feel like braille.  I like to
keep my body rolled up away from prying eyes.  Never unfold too much,
tell the whole story..."

tonight i got in a really weird mood...i'm not really sure why.  it was
a reflective mood and i just felt like crying.  maybe it's because of
the start of school and everything changing (which i don't really react
well to...) i dunno.  maybe it's because i'm opening myself up too
much.  i'm so scared.  i hate ben for scarring me.  for leaving me with
thoughts of doubt about anything intimate.  i hate myself for putting
myself into that situation.  and i hate the fact that i can't just be
normal when it comes to these things.  i hope my inhibitions don't ruin
the great things that are happening to me.  why, God, why!?


January 18 2006
man it sucks that MTSU couldn't get out for the snow! not that my classes today are really hard....ooooh choir and opera! ;) but it would have been nice to sleep in and not have to come to work at 8am. congrats to all of y'all who got outta school today! lucky dogs! my day got better after school yesterday....went to la siesta with megan, emily and steve (and yes, that is his name ;) ) and then went back over to steve's and hung out the rest of the night there. i was SOOO excited to see it snowing! that made the entire day 100% better! anyways, i'm at work and really bored and are probly going to go find a quiz or something to take. love you all!!

boo for class!

January 17 2006
ugh. first day already sucks. been up for a little over 2 hours and been at school for almost 1 and it's already been a crappy day. there was a monsoon when i woke up after only 2 hours of sleep, meaning that MTSU was going to be one big lake. my shoes are not water-friendly and my jeans are completely soaked pretty much from the knee down. AND i lost my earring along the treck from my car to work. BOOO! AND i have to see people at school that i would really be ok with never seeing again in my life. but, life goes on. my boy gets more amazing everyday and i am sooo lucky to have found him. should i tell you his name??? hmmm........maybe i'll make you beg a little while longer ;)

random thoughts

January 13 2006
so i realized it's almost been a week since i updated so it's probly time to do that! first, can i just say that i hate it when DJ's on the radio think they're amazing and try to "connect" songs or whatever and they fail miserably...that's just annoying

anyways, the last few days have been absolutely amazing! this "stalker" of mine came back into town on wednesday and we've hung out ever since. well, with the exception of today because he left me again :( he's going on a weekend retreat with his fraternity. phi mu alpha (which i don't know if anybody will know what that is except for maybe meagan, rachel, and maria!)'s the music fraternity. anyways, he's wonderful and such a gentleman and we are sooo compatible (except for the fact that i don't know ANYTHING about classic rock and he knows EVERYTHING! but he's going to teach me...)

so classes start in just a few days....AHHH! i'm soooo not ready! i mean, i like all my free time! but i guess it's time to return to reality again....poop. but i am kinda excited about starring in this semester's opera! i went and practiced today and my voice is getting stronger so hopefully i'll be able to jump right back into school. well, this post is definately long enough so i'm going to stop. love ya! happy MLK day!

excuuuuuuse me!

January 09 2006
i'm sorry - scratch the stalker title: replace it with well-wisher or secret admirer (or not so secret...) ;)


January 06 2006
so it seems i have a stalker! ;) but in a good way! a stalker that i do not mind :D anyways, life has been going great! i am soooo ready for people to be back in the boro! they are coming back slowly one by one and that's great, but i want them ALL back! minus the school part - that can stay away!

the wasp saga

January 04 2006
funny story....last night at about 1am i was washing my face, getting
ready for bed when i saw this black bug flying around my head. i
thought - great, i have a huge fly in my apt again....WRONG! yes, it
happened to be a WASP!!!!!!! well, lucky for me, steve's not here and
ben had just left, my roommate is nowhere to be found, and it's too
late to call the parents. WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO!? i knew ben was still up
and maybe if he left late (like he always does) he would be close
enough to turn around and come kill it 
so i call him, but he's too far away. but he says mark is still awake
and to call him! HALLELUIAH!!!! so i call mark, figuring he wouldn't
want to help me b/c i don't think he likes me very much (i don't
understand why!?) but lo and behold, good 'ole mark wanich comes to my
rescue! i trap the wasp in my bathroom by plugging up the underneath
while mark and i go to walmart to by wasp killer. did you know that if
you just squash a wasp, it releases pheromones that attract other
wasps!? well, i didn't want to do that! so we come back with raid, and
mark kills him for me  but now my shower is covered in raid and my entire bathroom smells 
but there is no more wasp! i finally got to bed around oh, 2:30. what
an adventure. hopefully i won't have any repeats anytime soon!!!


December 31 2005
the tear is in the mountains

how beautiful

December 31 2005
How beautiful the hands that served
the wine and the bread
and the sons of the earth.
How beautiful the feet that walked
the long dusty roads
and the hills to the cross.
How beautiful
how beautiful
how beautiful is the body of Christ.
How beautiful the heart that bled
that took all my sin
and bore it instead.
How beautiful the tender eyes
that chose to forgive
and never despise.
How beautiful
how beautiful
how beautiful is the body of Christ.
And as He laid down His life
we offer this sacrifice
that we will live just as he died:
willing to pay the price
willing to pay the price.
How beautiful the radient Bride
who waits for her Groom
with His light in her eyes.
How beautiful when humble hearts give
the fruit of pure lives
so that others may live.
How beautiful
how beautiful
how beautiful is the body of Christ.
How beautiful the feet that bring
the sound of good news
and the love of the King.
How beautiful the hands that serve
the wine and the bread
and the sons of the earth.
How beautiful
how beautiful
how beautiful is the body of Christ.

tonight was jessica's wedding. the first of my really close childhood
friends to get married. she walked down the isle to this song by twila
paris...she entered on the "how beautiful the radiant bride..." and she
really was...radiant and beautiful!  so tonight was definately a good
way to end this year and begin a new one. i won't say i did it on my
own really, but i think maybe God subconsciously helped me find the
strength to not back down. and can i just tell you that i have the best
roommate ever!? she knows exactly what to say even though i woke her up
at 3am crying hysterically.

on that note, i am so ready for everybody to come back to m'boro!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially a certain someone....

day 3...

December 17 2005
it's day 3...things should start to get better after today!! i can see my collar bones! haha. it's weird, my stomach is growling, but i'm not hungry. it's amazing how your body can react to pain to shut off everything else! well, one of my favorite girly movies is on TBS (the american president) so i'm going to go get back to that. leave me some comments to make me feel loved! muah! 

spoke too soon...

December 16 2005
yeah, throat DEFINATELY hurts worse today :( AND we have to cut down on the pain med b/c you're only supposed to have 8 tbsp a day and we've been having 2 every 4 hours. you do the math :( dr. isley called not too long ago to check up on me but my mom had to talk to her. she is so sweet - i absolutely love her!!! anyways, i'll just be sitting around my house today so if you want to hang out and watch a movie or something, send me a text!

early morning medicine break

December 16 2005
yes, the time is correct on this post...i'm up for my 4 hour dose of my pain medicine. my body will not let me miss it! it's really not as bad as i thought (yet - they say the 2nd and 3rd days are worse than the 1st) but the pain is different than i imagined it. they said it would be the worst sore throat i've ever had, but the only thing that's really bothering me is how swollen my uvula is and how it kinda hinders me from breathing and swallowing. luckily i got liquid meds....i don't think i would have survived with pills....seriuosly! ok so the codine is kicking in....time for bed! 

dun dun duuuuuuuun....

December 14 2005
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! school's out!!! it's such a relief! sucky part is, i'm getting my tonsils taken out no fun for carla for the next couple of weeks! and i can't talk for a couple of days after the surgery! :( anybody that knows me understands what a big deal that is! so if you want to get in touch with me or come visit me, send me an email or a text and i'll communicate with you that way! i would love visitors to come watch movies with me or just hang out!


December 12 2005

OH. MY. GOSH!!!! i saw rent tonight and let me just tell you - it was AMAZING! i don't even know how to describe it. it's so real. it's so true. so raw. wow. 

lunch plans!

December 07 2005
so guess who i'm going to lunch with?! the infamous NATHAN MOORE!'s been like 1,000,000 years since i've seen my old best friend...yay for him calling me and yay for me calling him back!


December 06 2005
yeah, so you see that girl on the very right of my profile pic? yeah, found out this weekend that she is getting married in may and moving to australia!!! i am veeeeeeeery sad! she's in SAI with me (and is kinda the reason i went SAI) and we did our ritual for her to be alum sunday. there is a song we sing in ritual which has kinda become her song b/c she always sings it in ritual, but i had to sing it to her sunday and i almost started crying. this was after i lost it the first time when she read her goodbye letter.  i'm usually not a crier, but man, the flood gates just let loose that night! i'm really going to miss courtney :(


December 05 2005
update on my granddanny....he's back home from the hospital. he had a TIA (aka trans-ischemic attack) which is just a fancy way to say a mini-stroke.  but TIA's are usually a precursor to a full blown stroke.  so i'm a little worried.  please keep him in your prayers!