Photo From captainkira

June 03 2005

photo from captainkira
Tomorrow Charles and I are going to try to adopt this kitten from the animal shelter. We have been wanting a kitten for a LONG time, to play with Frodo and to love. We were planning to wait until after our honeymoon so we wouldn't have to find a pet sitter, but we couldn't help ourselves. We found this one today on line, then drove out to the shelter to look at him and some others. We totally fell in love with him, but before we can adopt him, the shelter has to call our landlord and ask if it is OK. The apartment office was closed, so we have to go back tomorrow, and they wouldn't hold him for us, so we are afraid that someone else may take him. :( If we get him, we are naming him Kenobi. He is nine weeks old, and he is a polydactyl cat-- he has six toes on both front feet. :) I already love him, so if all goes well, we have a kitten very soon. If someone else takes him, I will be sad that we missed out, but we would probably get another kitten, so the worst case scenario is that TWO kittens would have new homes instead of just one. We hope Frodo adjusts well to his new little brother. I've got my fingers crossed!! :)