Prayer Request

November 05 2006
Hey there readers. I am not normally one to do this sort of thing, but I need to ask you guys to please pray for me. I am having some personal trouble and don't really feel like I can handle it. I won't go into details, but I feel pretty crappy inside, and would love any spiritual support than anyone could offer. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Happy Halloween

October 31 2006

Happy Halloween, everyone! I was hoping to go to church today as it is my mom's birthday and I like to remember her, but the only service I can go to is a 7:30 service that said it was for the Hispanic community. So I don't think I'll go.

Yesterday I got to see Bethany, and that was a nice treat. And let me give some advice to anyone out there that wants to know: doing a thesis is a lot of time and work, and I don't recommend it.

Hope everyone that reads this has a safe and happy holiday.

Going to Atlanta

September 12 2006

Soon I am going to Atlanta. While there, I will attend the anime convention, and probably fall off the diet wagon. I've lost a little over 10 pounds on Weight Watchers so far, but i need to lose another 20 (at least) before I stop.

Also, for any Depeche Mode fans, please go Opry Mills on Sept 25 and see the movie of the latest tour- it's only playing for ONE NIGHT! I'll be there in my Martin hat.

Lastly, Bethany's wedding was beautiful. She was pretty- everyone was pretty, but she really looked great, and happy. :) We couldn't make it to the reception unfortunately, but the ceremony was great!

Does such a thing exist?

March 16 2006

I would like for a website to exist that is like phusebox, only you can upload documents instead of pictures, and you can make them private. I guess this DOES exist and is called an ftp, but I want the lazy-man's version of an ftp so I can access documents from any computer. Why? Because I am working on several different homework assingnments in MS word and don't want to carry a thumbdrive/flash drive/jump drive whatever you want to call it. The result is that I email myself several different drafts of each paper, filling up my inbox. Yes, I go and delete them after awhile, but wouldn't it be nice to just log onto phusebox and have access to your stuff? I think so. Then again, I might just be crazy.

In other news, I'm going to SEPA! :) Look out Atlanta, I'm on the loose!


February 12 2006
This weekend I saw the infomercial for Winsor Pilates. I really want to buy those DVDs. I feel silly for wanting them, but I feel like being thin would make life so much richer. Does anyone feel like talking some sense into me, or should I go ahead and order?


January 23 2006

I feel like a bad person. :( I feel so weak because I get overwhelmed so easily. It's only the second week of school and I feel.... bad? :(

In addition to feeling generally poopy about school (mostly research), being crazy tired, and having a cold, I am also kitten-less. My little Kenobi is in Knoxville with my sister. I hope to have him back very soon.

I hope anyone that reads this is doing better than I am. Especially Bethany, because she is the best, and she's also the only person on Phusebox that I know in real life.

I got it

January 19 2006
I got the picture I was looking for. It's my cat, Kenobi, wearing Lederhosen and flying a kite. It's miraculous. :)

Looking for a picture

January 12 2006

Does anyone have an illustration of an orange and white kitten dressed in green German folk clothes? It would be best if he's wearing a green hat with a feather in it, and flying a kite, but I'll settle for just the kitten in the clothes.


A new day

January 11 2006

I haven't updated in awhile. Yesterday was a good day- I found out that I got accepted to go to SEPA. So in March, Charles and I will go to Atlanta. Then in May we will be going to Missouri (God willing!) to see my brother get ordained as a Deacon.

I have a ton of school work that I need to be doing. Tomorrow there is a meeting about the research that took up sooooo much time last semester. I hope we decide not to continue the research- I will survive if we do, but it would be better for me thesis-wise if we choose not to continue this.

Frodo and Kenobi are doing well- last night they stayed in the same room for a few hours, and they both survived. I was trying to sleep at the time, and at one point, for a couple of minutes, they were both laying on the bed with me. :) Total cuteness!

Well, there's no more news. No news is good news, right? Hope everyone else is doing well! :)

MTSU folks go here

November 21 2005

This is the site for teacher reviews. I have been looking for it for quite some time, and today I found it. If you've ever had Dr.Langston for Psych, go check out his reviews. The top one is kinda mean, but the others are great. ;)

Cat poop

November 21 2005
Charles and I went to Knoxville for the weekend. We were driving back with Frodo and Kenobi, when Kenobi started meowing. A lot. It was a different meow than normal. Then he started scratching around the bottom of his carrier. Then there was a smell. Oh, yes... he started to poop. Charles tried to stop him by shaking the carrier. Why would that work, I wonder? Well it didn't work. He just kept pooping and pooping! Poop everywhere!!! We stopped at a Kroger 2 hours from home or so, and sat in the parking lot, trying to think of a plan to get rid of the smell. We finally managed to get things under control, but it was stressful. I think Charles doesn't want to ride in the car with him anymore. :( Poor little poopy kitten. Everyone poops. Especially kittens. It could be worse- Frodo could have pooped! He doesn't even ride in a carrier, so the mess wouldn't have been contained! Charles says that's why dogs are better than/smarter than cats- because a cat will poop even though he can't get away from it, and a dog will hold it until he can go in an authorized pooping location. :( Poor cat. :( That's my story. Hope you enjoyed it more than I did. :(

Help me understand this?

November 13 2005
One of the readings in church today was a parable from Matthew 25:14. I totally don't get what I am supposed to take from that scripture. The way I see it, it's pretty bleak, so I must be missing something. Anyone wanna help a girl out? :)


November 09 2005

Here is a picture of Martin on the Playing the Angel tour. :) Best songwriter ever, best band ever, best hat ever. ;)

Depeche Mode!!

November 07 2005
Ok, up until this past weekend I had never been to a concert before in my life. On Saturday, Charles and I drove to Atlanta and saw Depeche Mode. It was AMAZING- it was one of the best experiences of my entire life! We were sooooo close! I'll have to post more details later. Unfortunately, most of our pictures didn't turn out. :*(  <-- that's me crying. I am so sad that it's over- I don't know when or if I'll ever get to see them again and they are my absolute favorite band. I've been smiling for DAYS.


October 26 2005

I think it's lame how certain styles just don't work for some people. I want to wear certain types of clothes and I just don't think I could pull it off. That's lame. There should be fashion freedom, where as long as you aren't revealing more than 3/5ths of your skin you ought to be able to wear whatever you want! argh!

And I am loving the new phusebox. I like how there is a trashcan icon for when you want to delete your old posts. :) I love trash.... Uh, oh! I feel a song coming on!

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I have here a sneaker that's tattered and worn
It's all full of holes and the laces are torn
A gift from my mother the day I was born
I love it because it's trash

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I have here some newspaper thirteen months old
I wrapped fish inside it; it's smelly and cold
But I wouldn't trade it for a big pot o' gold!
I love it because it's trash

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I've a clock that won't work
And an old telephone
A broken umbrella, a rusty trombone
And I am delighted to call them my own!
I love them because they're trash

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love, I love, I love trash!

Oh noes!!1

October 17 2005

I am in Knoxville having a wonderful time. I have been really stressed out with school and stuff, so I am glad for the break. I just realized I left my watch at home. Oops!

I am loving the new phusebox style. It's been a long time coming, but it looks great. :)

I am realizing how much I have to be thankful for. God has been good to me and my man, and I want to hold up my end of things by being good too. :)

Everyone have a wonderful day and take a moment to think of something you're thankful for. :)


September 17 2005
I wish I weren't so easily overwhelmed. I need to have faith that I can handle the situations I am in. School feels hard, and I don't know if I'm up to the challenge.


September 11 2005
Christian Team- ASSEMBLE! :)
I have a friend that is recently divorced, and he wants to know whether it is scripturally OK to remarry. He divorced against his will because his wife wouldn't reconcile. He wants scripture on this answer... can people help me out? I want to give him the best answer possible. :) Thanks!!


September 11 2005
So the other day, Charles and I went to Cracker Barrel with Bethany and Matt. I had a great time- thanks for meeting us guys. :)
The weekend was wonderful- we went to Knoxville and I spent a lot of time with my old friend, just being stupid and goofing off. I feel like a kid again. :) Now we just got back to Murf and I have to do homework for tomorrow. :( Oh well. I hope everyone else is doing well. :)
Today's homily at church, by the way, was about forgiveness. I need to majorly forgive someone, so it was great to hear. I just need help. I can't get over how badly this person hurt me and how furious I was or am. So I need to work at that.
Well bye for now! :)

Quicktime question

September 03 2005
Charles and I got a great little video of our dog and cat playing together. The video is from our digital camera, and the movie is a quicktime .mov file. Is there a way that we can get a still shot from it? Like if we pause the movie in a certain spot, can we get a capture? I am new to Quicktime, but I figure SOMEONE here would know. *ahem NATHAN ahem* :)