Photo From captainkira

June 02 2005

photo from captainkira
Sometimes I feel like doing the dance of joy... just like Larry and Balki do.

Bethany Bratcher

June 02 2005
So, I checked out your website-very cool. You and Charles are cute. I am glad that you guys are at MTSU, that you are getting arried, and that you are my friends. I look forward to hanging out with you guys in the future. :)

Nathan Moore

June 02 2005
I think you need to join this group ---> <a href=''>This Group</a>


June 03 2005
I am so glad that I met you, Bethany. It is nice to meet good, nice people, and I need more Christian influences in my life to keep me behaving. :D And I can't wait to be a wife. :)