random crap

July 06 2006

Alright, the song playing in my head when I woke up was rather odd.  I don’t know the lyrics, because it is in Spanish, and I don’t speak Spanish.  I can’t even spell the name, but I do know that it is in two pretty good movies: The Big Lebowski and Man on Fire.  I think it’s like ‘oyo com ova’ or something like that.  Oh well, it’s a pleasant song to have fingers cut off to…


July 06 2006
mmm i know that song!!! jazz band played it a few years ago and its the bomb!

bryan Rodriguez

July 06 2006
I KNOW THAT SONG I im gona have to get my lebowski soundtrack to remember it

Jessica Dennis

July 06 2006
"oye como va" by carlos santana - it's a very good song lol


July 06 2006
ooh!! good song!


July 06 2006
swwet song... i played maracas in it back in the day. i was one mean maraca player.