Fun,Fun,And juss more FUN!!!!

December 23 2006
Yo peeps! well okay GUESS WHAT..... lauryn is ova and she is like da bombz of diggity! lol we are like hyper people and lauryn has to PEE!!! OMHsh GUESS WHAT again....Lauryn is like the bestest awesomesteded personest in the worlestestest!!! like 4 realz! But anywayzszsz im like hyper and LOUD and my family peps are tryin' to sleep and like 4 real! and like uhh what was i talkin bout'....OH well anyways and KArus is like yellin at me so like 4 realz!! like ttyl

<3 y'all LIKE BUNCHES of oats




December 23 2006
hey!!! your so halarious!!! ya Lauryn is pretty awesome!!!lol!! well hope your having fun with your bffaanmwh!!! see you or talk to you soon!! *Patrick*

adam rodrigues

December 23 2006
i don't really know you. but you need counseling.

Randy Lewis

December 23 2006
Like, at least you're not bored. 4 realz!!! Oh, and the counseling...........maybe.