October 04 2005
People spend so much time
every single day
runnin' 'round all over town
givin' their forever away
but no not me
I won't let my forever roam
and now I hope I can find
my forever a home
so give me your forever
please your forever
not a day less will do
from you -ben harper

i know i hadn't updated in awhile but God has totally broke my heart and remolded it into a heart that longs for Him in every since of the word. I can't even describe what is going on in my heart and the changes that I feel. all i can say is that its AMAZING! God is the love of my life and i only have come to realize that truely in the last couple of weeks. He has completed my heart with His love for me.....WOW!! i guess the word "peace" is coming to mind.


October 04 2005
Alex, its great to hear that God is doing great things in your life. We miss you guys alot, you should come and see us sometime. See you in a next week at the wedding!


October 06 2005
Haha - that is really funny, oops, I had been reading Alex Lewis's phusebox, I don't have any idea how I ended up postting on yours, that makes me laugh. Love ya - and see you SOON!!!!

Jason Thacker

October 07 2005
I get them from