Almost time to go home....

July 29 2005
well there are only a few more days of my time in Charleston. It is a bittersweet feeling because I am excited to get home but sad to leave my friends. I will be home monday evening. My good friend Natalie and her boyfriend are now engaged. He proposed to her tonight and it was so awesome.

well we found stanley. he was under my roomates things. it was crazy but we have to let him go before we leave. i will be very sad and might even get a little emotional.

well i will see everyone soon.

Julie Brockwell

July 31 2005
Hey Sarah!!! I gotta ?? for ya!! What was the title of the book that you read that took you through the whole bible. You talked about it on xanga a while back and I was just wondering what the title of it was?? Just get back to me on it whenever you can!! thanks!! Julie