Fading Away...

April 05 2006

why am i so damn unloveable?
why can't i find a guy who will treat me right?


April 05 2006
Because you only date one guy.<br>Plus i love you; and im better in bed;) hahaha

Morgan Taylor

April 05 2006
because my dear, you arent giving the good ones a chance. you keep going back to sean;;he's a loser, lesson learned

Clint Nadeau

April 06 2006
You are not unloveable. Problem is, is that we search for love in all the wrong places. Couple that with we look to a person to love us more than anything else. People are flawed. Selfish. Prone to mistakes. You have to be choosey. No one teaches us growing up about guarding your heart. Our problem as a society and around the world is that we look for the "ultimate committment" and the "most fulfilling relationship" in the wrong places. If you truly want to be loved...if you want really want to be treated right...seek the One who created you. Yours and mine's Creator is the ONLY One that will love you no matter what. True love is found in the outstretched arms of God Himself, through His Son Jesus Christ. I would love to share more with you about this. Hit me back if this sparks questions or comments.