car needs a doctor

December 31 2006
car smoking from something steering lost and i definitely dont know whats going on anyone know any good car doctors

ok so i lost the war buuutttt...............

December 02 2006
well if you have talked to me in a while you know i dont wanna work at one of my dads restraunts. well... i ended up doing just that. im now the chips cheesedip and salsa guy. so just show up when im workin and you can probably get some free cheesedip. 

if you know an asian named....

November 21 2006

If you know an asian named jacky and you know of the one im talking about i would love it if you kicked him in the nuts for me because he has just messed up my entire thanksgiving break : /


November 03 2006
billiards with my dad and uncle is probably the most fun thing ive done in a long time. its also great knowing that my dad actualy turned his phone off and spoke with me while we played. Its amazing to find out the man actualy cares its just hard for him to find time and ways to connect with me. Life is wonderful

You cant blame the lost for being lost

October 18 2006
somebody pray for me, im on the verge of just loosing self control and tell whoever to just shutup and get over it, i know its not the right thing to do but i hate being around people who say one thing then do the opposite, somebody just pray for me in that peace will settle upon my heart because i seriously am trying to give a good witness while using tact with my words. So please just pray for me because i feel like i have been let down by everyone i have put time and effort to get to knowing.

and if you have a problem with me or wanna confront me about something please feel free to because i wanna give the best testimony i can possible be simply by actions


October 15 2006
im wired and im sooo glad because i gots ton of homework i need to do


October 14 2006
who all has been to the restraunt? how was it

if ive seen you at the restraunt, say something back

if i got you free food at the, say thanks

explain my philosphy

October 14 2006
death is the greatest victory of all and life itself has one purpose and when its time we get the gift of death

for anyone that doesnt do anything on weekends

September 28 2006
so who all does not leave every weekend and can actualy hang out.
because its lonely at my house

hmm dont you love scavenger hunts

September 24 2006
so we and a friend were asked to wear cowboy hats and pose next to a brokeback mountain dvd. we easily refused but it doesnt help that a few minutes later at hastings more people showed up asking us and every other guy in the store to do it. turns out this is the last thing on their list but i highly doiubt its going to be a finished scavenger hunt. 

yay beck

September 21 2006
so i think im going to go see beck on the 13th


September 18 2006
the new chilangos mexican restraunt is now open. all welcome
wonderful food and hence i quote kayla hale" their cheesedip is the best ever" just a few of the many who love our restraunt.

for directions its right next to the food lion by oakland.

The clay cup

September 13 2006
if anyone wants to join me at the clay cup after school on friday(because of the half day woot) i will be at the clay cup enjoying a nice bannana smoothie around 12:30 im needing people to come and chill with. (smoothies are always better with a friend) 

yea i probably should feel bad for this but i love irony to much

September 04 2006
so yea everyone knows steve erwin is dead and i personally could care less. but i do think the best part about this is the sheer irony of his death.
say what you want but its funny. in a demented way


August 31 2006
well today for the first time in forever i got my buddy's eggrolls.
everyone must know this because they are the best little eggrolls i have ever had in my life.!!!!!

hmm what we put into our bodies realy effects the way our mind works

August 22 2006
well today at lunch i got some of the cafeteria food and after packing my own lunch for like 2 and a half weeks i ate school french fries.
well bad idea... turns out french fries realy effects your body when you stick all the toxins of french fries into it and im now on a strike against french fries.

my solution is oranges they made me feel better

a little spider made my day better

August 18 2006
well high school is pretty depressing right now. and everything seems to be going pretty bad  a little spider taught me a lesson.
i was at the church looking at bruces spot on the church prayer walk.and sitting on swing i saw a spider making a web. it occured to me that this spider that is about as small as the tip of a pen. This web was so precise and soo exact that it occured to me that God created everything and God can handle anything. He put me in this situation just for his glory and that i should not be sulking in my little problem but praising him and giving him the glory of being in any situation. if you want to see this spider and its amazing web go down to belle air and there is a swing and on the right chain there is my little spider friend

voting time

August 17 2006
am i crazy vote 1
am i paranoid vote 2
am i just a teenager who is trying to get involved in polotics and not getting the whole picture  vote 3
does my paranoia have a reason vote 4
 am i using this to avoid my own paranoia vote 5

please respond

stuck in a rut

August 16 2006
hmmm lunch with band kids for a non band kid is not very entertaining
anyone got a solution

well i know whats going on now for school

August 14 2006
after being in new brunswick new jersey i have returned and i now know what my schedule and everything is
1st  economics           fergusson
2nd chemestry 1 adv. honors   daniel
3rd english 3 honors      farley
4th honors spanish 2      tomlinson
5th algebra 2 honors      Mcclellan
6th honors US history    Sides

i know all about tomlinson but i have no other ideas on how these teachers are
but i do have 2nd lunch so if anyones interested your invited to chill with me just message