October 31 2005



October 31 2005
why on earth must boys be so friggin confusing! =(


October 24 2005

monday......enough said.


October 15 2005
so last night was interesting. we all went to the game. and everyone was SUPPOSED to come over but then shane's nephew got put in the hostpital or something and her mom had to go somewhere so cathy was stuck baby-sitting and angela's mother claimed that she never told angela she could leave and since they had to gget up sooooo early she couldn't come. so yeah. but it was still fun. me and brady and jackie watched i think....three hours, maybe, of south park lol. they almost died laughing it was great. and yeah before that we went to the game but we left after half-time cuz that's the most interesting part ne ways. lol. go Shantika!! (she got homecoming queen) and go band, the show was amazing. and yeah, now i'm off. i need to clean up. ciao.

What kind of food are you?

October 06 2005

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.

You pull punches, but people still love you.

What Kind of Food Are You?


October 03 2005
she looks like tiger only she's dark gray with black stripes whereas tiger is white with black stripes. ne ways she's gonna live outside. and tiger isn't exactly fond of her. but yeah i think i want to name her Sophie. what do you think?? give me some ideas ppl.


September 30 2005
Okay, so i finally broke down and got a phusebox but that's just because i can get to it from school. everything on xanga will be here. i'll just copy and paste everything lol.