April 30 2006

okay so prom was pretty fun. me and stacee were having fun just hanging out. we didn't do much dancing b/c we got to prom kinda late and like 6 songs later they presented everyone and then this really crappy band came on and like everyone stopped dancing lol. but everyone looked beautiful! i have pics of course so here we go....


that's me and stacee at the restaurant. we went to this cool place called the Aquarium that was in the mall.

now that incredibly ugly fish is a fish brady decided to name Gunther lol.

Jaleah, Jessi and Stacee at prom......

Cathy and Shane....

and yeah that's all i've got for today. the photo uploader thingy takes too long. and tomorrow maybe i can get u guys some pictures from when i went to erin today. ciao bitches!

Aaron Massey

April 30 2006
you're too kind 'bout my looks : )


April 30 2006
so you must show me pictures tomorrow in class!

Rachel Chase

May 02 2006
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww GUNTHER! ^^