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July 18 2005
So... when you read this and you know me leave me a comment telling me something either we've experienced together, or you'd like to experience wiith me. G rated please:-)

and if you don't know me... leave me a comment about why you would like to get to know me.

Rachel Tenpenny

July 18 2005
i'll tell ya what i'd like to experience .... oh wait G-rated?? nm! ;) i love you!


July 19 2005
gahhhh g rated. u suck

Garrett Haynes

July 24 2005
Mrs. Mrs. Sullivan's class. lol. Oh I noticed u joined my group...people who suck at monopoly. I freaking hate that game with a PASSION!


July 25 2005
i honestly dont know. just thought i'd say have a wonderful rest of the summer, which is slowly coming to an end.


July 27 2005
hey whats up

cailsey anthony

July 29 2005
mrs hentons class. talking about the spice girls. (do you still have that movie? haha) i think we talked some online. who knows maybe we will have a class together next year. and i hate that summer is almost over, but i guess im ready for school too. see yaaa!


July 29 2005
hey well no u dont know me i was just leavin ppl remarks so ya and i went to central u?