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June 04 2005
so i've gotten some grief about my favorite books. if you haven't noticed i like to read the babysitters club books and DO NOT make fun of me because if you've read them you KNOW they are good and you CAN'T put them down until you're finished. haha no seriously i really have read a lot of them and i enjoy them...while curled up to a nice fire sipping hot cocoa and esp laying out next to the pool feeling the wind in my face and the smells of honeysuckle. lol i went a little off the edge with the pool, but i hope everyone feels the need to go read them now. have a good day!! love you

Garrett Haynes

June 05 2005
hiiiiii becccccaaaaa

Garrett Haynes

June 05 2005
sorrry i mean to say robeeeeeesha

Sara Shaban

June 07 2005
lemme tell you something...babysitters club books are the bomb diggity


June 08 2005
hey becca. lol, babysitter's club books are awesome. I used to read them all the time.

Rachel Tenpenny

June 08 2005
dude. i couldnt put them down either. its ok. i'll be your support group.

cole brown

June 09 2005
BECCAAAA!! just saying hey and i hope your having a great summer. love you=]


June 13 2005
haha...i creamed you when we read those books....years ago. you were a slow reader.

Garrett Haynes

June 22 2005
I so read those books


June 26 2005
hey becca this is julie. just thought id say hello. =] hope your having a great summer. -julie p.s. i looove those books


July 14 2005
hey becca its anna... from biology.. how has your summer been?