why is phusebox so pokin slow?

April 10 2007

i mean at this rate it's following the speed limit on mtsu campus it's so slow. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


April 11 2007
so it is not just my computer?


April 11 2007
AHHH! I know! It is SOOOOO slow! I don't understand why....

The Capn

April 11 2007
low bandwidth?

Cant wait to see her..!!

April 11 2007
yeah it it.. we have fast access.. and its so slow.. and we have bout 6 computers/ labtops and its still slow i dont understand...lol


April 11 2007
I dunno I have the DSL and it is fast, phusebox is slower that molasses in the wintertimes when it's cold.

Brent Walker

April 12 2007
all better today


April 12 2007
yeah... but the numbers are gone again