April 10 2006

Ok, I think i finally figured it out (you can't live your life without god!!!) its not possible me and my dumb self tried to push god out of my life but i soon realized i couldn't do it on my own despite my friends pleadings with me to go back to god i didn't until last night when my knees hit that altar and i was like god i'm sorry, i swear i have never felt a peace like i did last night, god was there and i knew it, i mean maybe i didn't see him but there was no doubting that he was there.And the people i thought had left me where right there beside me praying with me. I could never explain what i felt but this time no mess ups god is my life i don't care if the entire world knows or makes fun of me cause of it they will need god one day and they will find their knees hitting the altar like i did last night, you will go no where without god but he will take you places you never imagined you could go.But from this day one god is leading me where he wants me to go not where i want to.

love you guys,


Ashley who?

April 10 2006
-punches you in the arm- HAHAHAH I TOLD YOU SO.