pshhh phusebox

November 13 2006

wow phusebox is pretty boring now compared to myspace....there is nothing to do on phusebox...well anyways i went to the goodwill store and bought this really cute purse yay and it was only one dollar that made me happy because i'v been wanting a new purse... i went to the movies with ben lastnight...we saw man of a new year..or something like that i can 't exactly remember what it was called but it was pretty funny lol well i guess i'm gonna go i'll post again soon

 Love Always



November 14 2006
it's kinda sad we don't kno the name of the movie we went to watch... lol and how come u have pics of BRENDAN but non eof me??? grrr on u.... lol


November 30 2006
heyy, sexyface.... ursexylicious..... lol


December 20 2006
wow.... hehe, we're almost there... 8 more days... although i'm actually more glad 'bout the fact that i get 2 see u then.... i miss u and it's kinda pathetic, b'c it's only been a day.... >< /


January 06 2007
girl, definitely sure oakland owned you guys last night. it was mucho fun. especially when i tried to get you to be a spy, haha. [dont tell anyone bout that, haha.] and the little buster, well lets just say there is a spot on my leg that is purple. <3