New Resolutions...

January 03 2006

Hey ya'll!  Ok so I've made a few decisions... and I guess you might could even call them resolutions, but I don't want them to be for just this year, so really, they're changes.  Well, so OK we can call them resolutions.  Anyway.. here's the deal: 

1)  I've not been very committed to swimming here lately, like I should be... I dunno, I just don't like it as much as I used to.  Well--OK, I LOVE swimming, but I'm talkin about the competitve side to it; it just doesn't really seem to appeal too much to me any more.  However, I still need a good exercise regime to keep healthy, and to keep in shape.  So, I need to join a gym--here's the part I need help with though... I was wondering, if any of you would like to come with me?  Join a gym with me?  Lol.. cuz I can't really do it on my own.  And too, I'm kinda lookin' for some type of "trainer" who could help me out, and show me how to use all the different machines lol.  I don't want to just used the machines though lol.. I wanna work in swimming and still swim as part of my workout... So I'm thinking like working out 3-4 times a week (depending on how much time I have) and maybe having a whole day out of those days devoted to swimming, and then the other two or three days to do cardio or machine work, or what have you lol.. I just know I need to do something, and I'd love to have a buddy or two with me!  Lol.. so if you're looking to get into better shape, or for a work out buddy, or interested in helping me out at all lol... please.. LET ME KNOW! Haha, because I've got do something to stay healthy and in shape, and improve my health and everything lol... Well--I guess that's just about all on this subject...

2)  I must study harder.  (This will effect when I can and can't go to the gym of course...the nights I'm bogged with homework, I probably won't be able to go, but I'll just have to double up the next week, or something like that.. either way, I'm gunna make time to exercise!)  I have got to bring my grades up.  Ok... so they're not bad they're just not great, or as good as I would like them to be.  Especially my APUSH!  So I have come to the conclusion, that I am going to start bringing my APUSH book home every night, and reading a little in each chapter every night, in hopes that that will help me comprehend things better, and in turn to better on the quizzes we take in there every Monday, and I won't have to wait til the last minute (Sunday night at 10 pm) to read the chapter, and then fail the test, but I'll actually hopefully pass them!!!  My grades must improve!!

3)  I've got to make more money.  Now, I know that doesn't really sound like a good resolution, but it is!  Trust me.. lol, I've got to work more often in order to pay for my car insurance, so I don't get my car taken away... I've got to make more money so I can help Daddy pay for my cell phone bill, so I can actually have a cell phone that is CUT ON (lol)... I've got to make more money to save up for college... I've got to make more money to have, just for myself... because I always feel so baaad asking my parents for money and borrowing it from them.  So bottom line, I either have to get another job, or work more hours at the job I've got now... which is a little hard, since I can pretty much only get hours at night, and I could work after school one or two days out of the week I guess, but then that would defeat my whole purpose of trying to make more time to study... but oh well.. I guess a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do... right?  But... I'm thinking I really need to find a new job... one where I can like work all day Saturday or something... not just 3-4 hours a week.  So if anyone knows of a good place that's hiring... lemme know?  Hehe

Well... I'm sure I've got other resolutions and I do... but these are the basic ones.. the most important ones at the moment.  Alrighty guys.. lol I'm lookin' for some responses here--some help, I'd greatly appreciate it!!  lol.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  :-D

What is LOVE?

November 15 2005


So... I've been wondering... and I'd just like to get a few people's opinions...

What does love...real love mean to you?

A day to remember

September 11 2005
Do you remember where you were when you first heard?

I remember... I was in the 7th grade-walking into Mrs. Hopkins's class, setting my stuff down and about to head to lunch, when TJ came in and said something about two bombs hitting the WTC and the Pentagon...
It didn't effect me too much then because I didn't know the "Twin Towers" as the WTC, I knew them as "The Twin Towers". So I really had no idea what was going on. I pretty much went through school just like any other day, hearing bits and pieces about what happened from kids that were getting to watch the news and what not in their classes. When I got home--that's when I got the full story, I watched the news, and my mom told me everything--Our nation was under attack. I was so scared... and I didn't really know how to feel, because I don't think I really understood what was going on exactly ya know?

Looking back now... I understand. And I will always remember.

*God Bless America*
And thanks to all the troops fighting for our country--I appreciate it SO much.

No Title

August 20 2005
Well... I pretty much feel reeeally stupid right about now.

WHY do I always let myself get like this?!

I guess I'll just say I'm sorry, and yes--I really mean it.

I'm sorry.

Rambling Randomness

August 03 2005
Alright... that whole "not blogging" thing... didn't last very long lol =P

There's one week left until school starts back up... *Sigh* I haven't done any summer work, procrastinator... I should PROBABLY get that started. Well, ok so I've started it, I just haven't finished any of it. I don't know where this summer went! There was SO much more that I was going to do, or that I wanted to do anyway... but didn't get to. I was supposed to have fun, and see and get to know this one person, whom I'd really liked to have gotten to see, but things happen, and yeah--anyway. I'm really beginning to like Phusebox... hehe =) Which is a very good thing ... I guess lol. Nothing else to say... I got a new profile picture, and added some photos at the bottom... Ya'll have a great last week of summer! (Those of you that have to go back

Just an update... I guess lol

July 22 2005
YES! I finally got a profile picture up here, lol.. I don't know why it wouldn't work before. So yeah.. that's lovely ol' me-- =D Bein' goofy and dumb... anyway.

I know I don't use this phusebox very often, but I guess that's because I have xanga and myspace too, and idk sometimes I kinda forget that I have a phusebox.. but I've only had it for just a little while now, I've still gotta get used to the fact that I've got it lol.

But.. having said all that, I think I've come to a conclusion that I should take a break from all blogs for a while. I don't know WHY really.. but I just figure, no one REALLY wants to read what I've got to say anyway. It's mostly pointless whatever junk that doesn't really matter haha. So, I'll just take a break from blogs for a while (even though I haven't really used this one) I really need to work on getting all my summer work done, and I'm just too pre occupied with other things, that right now, just aren't as important. And I guess I'm gunna go back to my journal journal, like my paper journal. I've never neglected to write in it, I just don't write in it as often as I used to before I had all these blogs. Half the stuff I talk about when I update blogs, no one really understands anyway because I don't use names, or I don't fully describe the situation or something like that, just because--most of the time it's pretty personal stuff, and it's just nice to at least get some of it off my chest. But I think I've figured out that I don't need to just get some of it off my chest, I need to get most of it, or ALL of it off my chest. And I just can't do that, because I've learned this summer, that it's not THAT hard to hack into things on the computer as I had that happen to me and two other of my friends earlier this summer.. *eye roll* Anyway.. thanks for giving me your attention a lot of the time (those who read my other blogs hehe, Elizabeth, Sarah, Alex), and taking time out of your day to read and comment and care =)... I really appreciate it, you guys are wonderful!!!

But yeah.. I guess this is it for a while--
I'll still check back and read/leave comments...but I think I'm going to try to wing myself from these things as best I can lol... Don't know how long it will last but, ya never know. =D

Take care, Talk to you all soon!


So.. I decided to try this too

July 11 2005
Yeah, we all know I have enough blogs as it is... lol, but I was kinda bored, and decided to give this one a try too lol--it's different than all the others, and I've definitely got to get used to it lol.. Can anyone show me anything, that I might need to know about it? Hehe
Well folks, I guess that's all for now! =D Talk to you later!