October 19 2006

My husband is a dead beat.  He is cheating on me and he didn't show up for class. 

Guess my pretend relationship will end up like the rest of them.  I am starting to get a complex.  :(


October 19 2006
Thats not kool...


October 19 2006
we should go see brian sometime do you think your mom would let you go?

Becky A.

October 19 2006
Who was the lucky guy?!?! Haha. That stinks. Ummm, I won't be home that early since I have classes. I'm not even going to be able to leave here until like 5 my time. I'll be lucky to get home around 6 your time. I'll try to come to the game though. Ok?

Sarah Vermillion

October 20 2006
You, my friend, are silly.