October 06 2006

Since Leah tried to sell me...

How much would you pay for me?

Sam-Graham Jinn (Graham Wells)

October 06 2006
we'll call it $1295.34. It would be more, but that's all I've got right now.

the brian king kenobi

October 06 2006
*looks in pocket* i got about 24 cents.

Becky A.

October 06 2006
And why was Leah trying to sell you??? You girls are crazy. Ahhh, I miss you!!!


October 06 2006
while since i did try to sell you for 10 dollars i'd buy you for about 2000 dollars. well i will talk to you later. much love to you my friend.

Michael Thoe

October 06 2006
can 17 year olds take out loans?

Drink Dajen

October 06 2006
pay to keep you as slave??? i'd hand over at least 25,000.. i mean... i bet you would be good at manual labor.. but not THAT good.. so yeah..... 25,000. but you would def hav to cover those legss... cuz.. slaves cant have anything nicer than their masters..... oh.. and gain like 20 lbs too... :D

Sarah Vermillion

October 07 2006
Whatever I had on me. Which is usually about $2.00 in change and lint of various colors.

Aaron Massey

October 10 2006
hm... i wouldn't buy.. i'd just window shop ;).. j/k.. "i'm sick of the things i do when i'm nervous, like cleaning the oven, or checking my tires, or counting the number of tiles in a ceiling.. head for the hills! the kitchen's on fire!!!"