July 19 2006


long time no use.

over and over

June 17 2006

K-I-S-S-I-N-G-S-E-X-I-N-G  C-A-S-I-O   P-O-K-E    Y-O-U    M-E     I

My favorite quote...

May 24 2006

"We want to stand upon our own feet and look fair and square at the world-its good facts, its bad facts, its beauties, and its ugliness; see the world as it is and be not afraid of it. Conquer the world by intelligence and not merely by being slavishly subdued by the terror that comes from it."

-Bertrand Russell

Home alone and happy...nothing brings me down

May 07 2006

I am completely obsessed with emilana torrini. She is simply amazing. Everyone listen.

Today I hung out with Kasey Brooker. She is wonderful. She just brings me to a chill level. She's a bomb!!! [ghetto black momma voice]

I want to hang out with so many people that I usually dont hang out with. Form some amazing clics, haha. like kasey and claire, yeah its gonna rock grandmother's body...


May 06 2006

Wow, it has seriously been a long time.

Took my AP US history exam Friday. It was easier than I thought but seeing as though I only read 7 of the 40 chapters, I dont think I did too well, heh. I left school afterwards and hung out at dana's house with some friends. We watched disney sing-a-longs in fastforward.

Went to Jazzfest last night. The main reason I like jazzfest is because there are so many cool people there. I met a lot of new people and saw a lot of old friends. Its nice to meet new people. I'm going again today, maybe tonight. Usually the old people and families take over on saturday so I hope some of my friends go.


February 11 2006

So yeah, so much for all of that snow we were going to get. I"m so disappointed. I was all geared up for a huge snow and we dont get anything. It didn't start until about midnight and by the time I woke up in the morning it was all gone. I hope some miracle happens that gets us out of school on monday. Isn't that wishful thinking.

Valentine's day is coming up. I wrote an entry a last year on xanga about hw much I loved valentines day no matter if I was single or was with someone. Well....screw that. It sucks. And there's way too many happy couples out there. It makes me sad. Yeah, i like someone. But...well nothing's going to happen...at all. So...I'm just gonna be a pussy and not say anything and be pissed off and annoying about the whole situation. I think I'm just going to give up on anything happening. Because just thinking about the person makes me sad.

On the other hand. This six weeks is almost over and that means that theres only two more six weeks until the end of junior year. And those two six weeks will fly by.

So yeah, I'm gonna leave espresso joes right now and head over to calypso cafe...mmm


January 26 2006

Wow...I just experienced a huge let down... So drama was supposed to do the play "You Can't Take it With You." and I had the role of Tony. The quote, "Romantic Lead". I worked really hard to get the part. I was so excited for the play. I couldn't wait. And then. I find out today...that we can't do the play anymore. There is a huge conflict in the contract. We casted about three girls in major guy roles and we just switched the gender of the characters around in the play. We also changed two black characters to two white actors. And we change the time setting of the play. Well, the company that owns the rights to the play says we can't do that. So after blocking all of act one. Its over. There goes my role that I was so excited for. So now we are scrambling to find another play to do. We only have six weeks. psshh, yeah. It blows...


 Not to act like my life always sucks ass, but these past few weeks are killing me. I feel so ripped up. heh. Ripped up.

 But yeah, thats cool. Been going to some basketball games, hanging out with new people, I'm still trying to maintain my philosophy that happiness is more important that stressing yourself out over school. *shrug*

Daniel V. will win project runway.

Just calm down and take a breath from your inhaler

January 20 2006

Hm... lets see. This week has been insane.

I had a HUGE fight with my dad on sunday. The biggest one ever. So that just started my week off crappy.

Monday was my 17th birthday!!! Wooo! I'm so glad I'm 17. I can now stay out until 12, drive with more than one person in my car, and see R rated movies. heh. Yeah, only one more year until 18...

Lypsync was soooo stressful. We practiced all of the time. Constantly. And every rehearsal was just a combinaton of randomness confusion, and fights. Heh, yeah.  But, we ended up with second place. Because the seniors always win, but we did good.

This week was homecoming week. But it was sooo short. Monday we didn't have school, tuesday I didn't come to school until around 10:30. Wednesday was a snow day. Woo! Thursday we had the lypsync competition in first and today we had a pep rally in first. So most teachers gave up on giving work. Oh yeah, the juniors won the pep rally for like the first time in ever.

And on wednesday night I got sick. I had this rediculous painful cough that is constant. It suuucks. And it makes my asthma go crazy, lol.

I'm going to the ADK formal with Carrie Clemmons. That will be fun.

Oh yeah, And this weekend is really busy. I have drama practice at 3:30 on Saturday and Sunday. I had to write at least two resolution papers for Model UN. I also have about 5486 assignments to make up that I just haven't had the time to do.  And, I have to go to green hills saturday night. To get some slippers, eat at the chesscake factory, and see brokeback mountain. Hahaha.

Oh Andrea...Her elbow looks....like something....

Private school

January 09 2006

No...I don't go to one...but somedays I feel all preppy-private school-ish...

Smokey Baby

January 07 2006

photo from appletrees

I love my cat...soooo much.

A review

January 07 2006

So, since phusebox came back I haven't really had an entry, and I don't feel like writing one right now, but I'll fill you in a little on what's been going on.

Christmas was okay I guess. It was the first x-mas with my stepmom. So therefore, it was the first x-mas not just my dad and I. I hated it now that I think about it. I didn't get to spend any time with him. When I got to his house, he hardly talked to me, and then he left after fifteen minutes. and so I was upset. It was the frist x-mas without being buddies like we used to be. And it was the first year we drew names at my grandma's, which was completely awkward and strange. But whatever. I got money for shopping, clothes, DVD recorder, and bed sheets and comforter :)

New Years...went to Marylane's house with some friends and stayed the night. It was fun, but I got in a fight, and I was sooo pissed off. But thats in the past now, and we have reconciled.

School's back in cession and I'm not going to procrastinate like I have been. Actually I cant procrastinate like I have been, because I cant have another semester with three B's. Blehhhh

So, our spring play in drama is called You Can't Take it With You. Its like Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The role with the most lines and stage time is probably the character of grandpa, which is now grandma and is played by Jackie Fowler!!! but like meet the parents, its centers around the two people who are getting married and have comepletely opposite families. Well I got the Romantic Lead!!!  Oh yeah! I'm so happy! I really didn't think I would get it. But I did!! So yeah, my characters name is Tony. And he falls in love with Alice, but her family is psycho, and his family is rich and proper, but he loves her family but Alice just can't except how different they are and doubts how their marriage will work. Ashley Marshall is Alice. Yeah, that means we'll be getting pretty close together on stage ;) . We practice a lot, but I'm ready to start rehearsals!


January 01 2006
I am glad that phusebox is back.

Confused and Frustrated.

December 17 2005

I was at the mall on Friday. And I attempted to sit on the side of a trash can. It didn't work. And I stumbled.

You know what makes me very frustrated? Confusing people. I'm not sure who I like, if I like anyone at all. I dont know. I do have a lot of crushes though. But yeah, everyone is so damn confusing and hard to read and you can misinterpret everything. Who knows? I sure as hell don't, but I wish I did. I'm going to just start acting on impulses and see what happens...its something new at least...*big sigh*


December 17 2005

lmao, that last entry was so friggin happy.

Random woo.

December 16 2005

I am Random woo. and I am randon right now, so this entry will be very random.

Good Golly Sandra

Mid-terms have almost found themselves on a way by, and I have only two more to go. Yes.!

I got a haircut today. I like it bunches. I was so tired wiht my hair these last few days. I think its pretty nice right now as it is. And!!!! I was so happy!!! The nice man gave me his "marketing sample" of my hair granuals. They used to sell them, and then they stopped!!! They just stopped making them!! But they might bring it back, and they are "test" marketing it. And he gave me his testing sample!! That was very nice and it made me happy!

I experienced a happy suprise today. I went to eat at Applebee's with Andrea and Jimmy. And I saw my nana!!! and my aunt. I love my nana and seeing her. I was estatic. Very glad to have been there at that exact moment. I was happy and I smiled.

Then I walked around the mall. ATTEMPTING to do my Christmas Shopping. Gosh, capital letters are so intimidating. I accomplished nothing close to what I needed to. At first I was by myself and Then I met with Maegan and Anna, and then later a while with Marie and Marylane.!! I had a lot of fun and I laughed a whole lot. I always do when I'm around Marie H. *hehe*. OOOOO, not dirtily that is. I'm not into that...hah...but really...I had fun and thats what mattered. I saw so many people I knew at the mall today from my school and other places.. Mmm, that made me happy. lol...

Then We had our second to last performance Of "Its a Charlie Brown Christmas!"

I am getting so sad now. I don't want to end the play and I don't want to quit being Snoopy. I love being Snoopy. I have morphed into one with his spirit.

I love Eisley! Yay!! Smiles all around!!!!

I am le tired

December 12 2005

So, Went to bed around 4:45 Monday morning...woke up at 6:30. I was up til around 1:45 doing homework, and then I went into some weird half awake half asleep mode where all I did was cough and blow my nose because I was too tired to just get a drink of water and it was too late to take nyquill because it wouldn't wear off before school. And then at onepoint I managed to put a cough drop in my mouth, and then I fell asleep, and then woke up and thought I was choking on it.The suprising part was that I wasn't completely pissed off in the morning. I was actually pretty damn happy. Mostly because I did my homework for once and I didn't have to stress about it.

My digital camera is collecting dust due to my laziness, :(   It will be revived x-mas break.


Christmas break come already!!! I have a lot of work to do in the next few days. But when midterms start Thursday, its smooth sailing...If it was anything like sailing at all. The reminds me. There are a lot of little sayings that are quite stupid. I just hate cute cheesy sayings in general. Although I use them. But we all know I'm a big hypocrite.

The coconut is the largest seed in the world...dude...

BLEH!!! Exciting things this week/weekend. I will have fun...heh

Honestly, this entry is pointless, because quite frankly, nothing has been going on in my life lately. I"ve been swamped with my play. I've been trying to catch up with school. I'm tired, bored and lonely. What else is new.

But, its a month and three days until I am seventeen

A friend of mine keeps telling me that things will never happen for me if I don't take initiative. That I need to pursue what/who I want. Because If I don't do anything, who knows what may or may not have happened.

I think...that I'm going to take her advice.....

But most likely I wont and I'll sit back and not do anything...

So yeah, I'm being all cliche and asking for answers to questions...

-If you could do one thing with me, what would it be?

-If you have to pick a celebrity that I remind you of, who would it be?

-What are three words that describe me?

-What can you see me doing in the future?

-What is your favorite thing about me?


Baby,its cold outside...

December 11 2005

I'm letting go of the stress with school....and getting into the Christmas spirit.

I'm so excited. I love it.


Come see me!

December 10 2005

Everyone...come see "Its a Charlie Brown Christmas"

Its at Siegel High School on Thompson Lane.

Its tonight (Saturday) at 7:00. Tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00, and next Friday and Saturday at 7:00

I am Snoopy.

The show is really good and very festive

Come see it, and come see me...please...

No! It can't be...not now...please!!!!

December 07 2005


Nick is sick...

Blegh! Why now! This sucks! I have all of this stress going on, i'm getting no sleep, drama is arising everywhere, the play starts Friday, technically that is. I say it starts tomorrow Because we have a faculty show, hey, its still a show to me. So yeah. At least I dont have very much speaking to do. But I laugh, a whole lot, very loudly, and right now, my throat feels like its closing in, seriously. Its sooo dry and it hurts to swallow. I hope that nyquill works miracles tonight and that I become better for the play.


and yeah, I hope someone is recording the season premire of "Project Runway" <3

And on American's Next Top Model...WTF?!!?!? I am pissed off. Holy crap. What the hell were the judges smoking, I realy really. It should have been Nik. Without a doubt. Bleh.


December 04 2005

01. Sleep with or without clothes on? Depends on what mood I'm in.

02. Prefer black or blue pens? Black
03. Dress up on Halloween? Yes
04. Like to travel? Yes, but I don't get to do it often
05. Like someone? I always have a thing for someone.
06. Do they know? I dont think so, but I want them to.
07. Who sleeps with you every night?My pillow and my kitty cat.
08. Think you're attractive? Yea, sometimes. But I'm not conceited.
09. Want to get married? Meh, I'm not sure. Maybe not married, but committed?? I dunno. Yes, married. Hah.
10. To? Whoever I fall in love with...?
11. Are you a good student? I am when I want to be. I have a 3.8555 or whatever. But, lately its dying, because I've become so lazy and I don't do any work. Meh...
12. Are you currently happy?  I'm always content
13. Have you ever cheated on someone? Never

14. Birthplace? Murfreesboro
15. Christmas or Halloween? Christmas.
16. Colored or black-and-white photos? Black and White.
17. Do long distance relationships work? I wish...
18. Do you believe in astrology? Not at all.
19. Do you believe in love at first sight? Nope.

20. Favorite CD? BAH.  I love music way to much to have only one favorite.
21. Do you consider yourself the life of the party? Occaisionally
22. Do you drink? Yes
23. Do you make fun of people? *sigh* I do, and I'm working on quitting.
24. Do you think dreams eventually come true? Dreams while you sleep; no. Dreams as in personal goals; if you make it.
25. Favorite fictional character? Sally no no.
26. Go to the movies or rent? Go.
27. Have you ever moved in your entire life? I've moved homes many times, but I've never left M'boro.

28. Have you ever stolen anything? Nope.
29. How's the weather right now? Cold. Very cold.
30. Hug or kiss? Kiss.
31. Last person you talked to on the phone? Maegan

32. Last person who told you they love you? My mother.
33. Loud or Soft Music? Depends on my mood.
34. McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King. I am anti-McDonalds
35. Night or day? Night.
36. Number of Pillows? Three.
37. Piano or guitar? Piano.
38. Future job? Who the hell knows. Something in business? Something in fashion? bleh, I have no idea yet.
39. Current job? EEEERRRRRR!!!!
40. Current love? Egg nog.
41. Current longing? A lover.
42. Current disappointment? Lonliness and Procrastination.

43. Current annoyance? People who talk too much and judge too much and are stupidddddd.
44. Last thing you ate? A peppermint.
45. Last thing you bought? A pair of argyle socks.
46. Most recent thing you are looking forward to? CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!
47. What are you wearing right now? Pajama pants and a white t-shirt.
48. Plans for this weekend? The weekend is over, and next weekend = schoolwork and the play
49. What did you do today? Ate lunch with my father and step-family. Drove to all of my Dad's old homes and was nostalgic. Ate queso with Marie. Went to the mall and starbucks
50. Pick a song lyric:

I don't mind the weather, I've got scarves and caps and sweaters...


December 04 2005

I've been so busy lately. With schoolwork (that I'm falling incredibly behind on) and with the play, Which opens Friday!!!! Oh my, that's insane. But yeah, my stress level is only going to get worse. I need a break. Already, *sigh*

My grades are plummiting down, and my stress level is sky rocketing...

I want high school to be over.

Prepare for it...

November 30 2005


January = My Birthday

My Birthday = Dance Party....????

We'll see, and we'll hope...its in the works....

A lesson before dying because you procrastinated...

November 30 2005

So yea, pretty sure I have to read 194 pages in "A Lesson Before Dying"....tonight


...watch America's Next Top Model. Hey, at least my priorites are in order. heh.

And on a side note, my computer is being extra screwed up right now, so I'll be on my moms computer mostly, on my old screen name, which is punknoodle68

Make believe is much to fun...

November 28 2005

So today some girl said to me "I'm the weirdest person in the world" and I sat there...thought...and replied"No you're not". Did she really think that she was the weirdest person in the world. I mean come on, she must do some freaky shit to gain that title.

As you can tell from above, today was one of those random days. It was good though. I couldn't sleep and stayed up until 2:45 tossing and turning, literally. Then I woke up at six. And guess what...I went running. Yeah, running, me, asthma kid. and I didn't have to stop once to catch a breath or stop a side cramp. And I ran a whole mile in five minutes and fifty six seconds. Hell yes. I physically felt really good the rest of the day. I felt refreshed. and I brought oatmeal to school in my Sylvester the cat coffee cup. It looked like goop, but I love it. So its those simple pleasures that make life good.

"Its a Charlie Brown Christmas" is coming up. I'm excited. We have one more regular rehearsal until we start dress rehearsals. I can't wait to dress as Snoopy, haha. I am expecting everyone to come and see me. And not mock my creepy laugh.

^^Merry Christmas to me....Yeah, its a Dell XPS M170. Haha, I sound like I know what I'm talking about. I dont. I just know that I'm pretty sure this is my main Christmas present. No more shitty computer!!! Yeah, and its a laptop, and its amazing.

I also sent my mom a wishlist off of UrbanOutfitters.com. Gah, I cannot wait until Christmas...

"I shall never grow up, make believe is much to fun. This place is so lovely, it kind of makes me very happy. Lets go far away to the humming meadow."