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May 08 2007
so where are my faithful readers?  i barely ever post here, so i don't really expect regular comments here.  but when i post on (at least slightly regularly) i would like some comments.  so check on my posts there.  or else

Jan 30?

April 27 2007
Has it really been that long?  wow...  i've been on reading almost every day, so don't think i've completely checked out on you.  i just haven't had much to say.  hey, check out the new look and my post at .  it's pretty sweet!

brick wall

January 30 2007
so i've been battling this spiritual...  thing for quite a while.  i have been doing very well,  but i seem to have hit a brick wall.  after about 4 weeks of almost completely forgetting about it (yes, i keep count...  it's that important) i seem to have hit a wall.  i can't get my mind off it.  i struggle constantly.  every moment is a choice.

i would normally post this on but i figured it'd get more reads here.  i'd really appreciate prayer support on this.

thank you,


January 29 2007
after repeated badgering from various individuals, i have posted.  check it out .  Also, i have started a new site.  the purpose of this site is explained in my post, so you may want to read it.  the new site is .


December 19 2006
i bet you guys are getting bored of me posting something like "hey, guys i posted again" and linking you to my site.  well, here's the reasoning:  i don't want to copy/paste the same stuff.  it's boring.  also, i'd like to get google to index me, and posting a bunch of links helps.  also, i want more traffic on my site, and by linking you to it, if you go, i get hits and then i win...  or something.

so, once again, i have posted.  this time i talk about my trip to the salon.  trust me...  it's worth the read...  i think.

here's the link:


December 18 2006

hey, kids!  thank you for your plethora of comments on my last post.  there's another entitled "crashing..."  at .

thank you for your continued reading!  you're the man!

Where's Saturday

December 16 2006
weirdest thing, my body never experienced saturday yesterday.  check out the post on .  i feel WEIRD!  you should read the post.  it's promising!


December 14 2006
i preached last night!  it rocked!  you guys can download the file at
.  Gotta say, it was pretty awesome!

i post

December 04 2006
i post!  leave me 15 comments before friday midnight and i'll post again!

i have built another site (with zay, and photos by paul).  check it out:    

12 forevers

November 05 2006
i have not posted in 12 forevers.  as it is, this isn't much of a post either.  i posted at, if you're interrested.  read more there!  have fun, take luck, don't drink and drive!


September 25 2006
hey guys, i almost died last night...  you think i'm kidding...  i'm not.  imagine hydroplaning on the interstate...  read more


August 26 2006
so apparently my site is really difficult to figgure out.  if you click on "blog" in the nav bar on the right, up comes the site you're all familiar with.  there you can comment.  and in case the link i put in didn't work, here's another .

Hello my pretties

August 24 2006
so i finally actually designed myself a website. go check it out at <a href=""></a>.  it's pretty good lookin.  let me know what you think.  i have a perl thing on there that is supposed to let you guys e-mail me, but for some reason that doesn't seem to be working.  leave me comments here or leave me a message.



June 30 2006
after dinner tonight, i slept...  4 hours.  i slept from 7 to 11.  i only woke up when stacy called.  for the past couple of hours, i've been playing some computer games.  i wonder if i'll be able to sleep later...  i think i will. 

Stacy's coming home tomorrow.  i'm really excited.  i miss her...  bunches.   

at the bequest...

June 24 2006
at the bequest of my woman and a good friend of mine, i will update.  life has been CRAZY!  i finished and got...  see the rest of the post .


June 15 2006
i am showing Mr. Amarian how google indexing works, so i'm going to promo

SOLD! for $1000

May 18 2006
i officially sold my second web site ever!  i have a $250 down payment in my pocket right now.  i have another $750 on the way.  i'm splitting the work (and sadly the pay) with paul, but i'm not worried about it.

me is happy (just for you rebecca jensen!)  bad grammar is well!

paul and I already have our next target in mind...  DQ Grill and Chill...

an end and a beginning

May 12 2006
so i've just about finished the web site i told you guys about a while back.  i'm actually stuck until i get more info from Mike.  i'm pretty pumped since it was my first website to ever sell.

i haven't been paid yet, so i don't want Mike getting any business from the site yet (though it's online and fully functional).  i don't want google to index it, so i'm not going to post up a link, but I will when i get paid.

i sold my second site!  last friday i learned that i wasn't going to be able to get hired until about June 10.  that put a severe dent in my financial plans for the month.  so i went about selling another web site.  it was a One Shot, One Kill thing.  i targeted one business and sold it to that very first business.  i'm going to split it with my little brother, paul, though i could do it all myself.  paul needs the money, though.

he's got a better eye for style than i do.  he's pretty much going to be in charge of making sure all the content is going to look good on the page.  i'm going to be in charge of gathering content and making sure that the look (as well as content) of the site is what the company wants.  as far as actual content entry, we'll split that according to who has how much work to do at that moment.

anyway, i sold that bad boy for $1,000.  i have a final meeting to solidify the agreement (probably have some written contract) next wednesday, but it's pretty much a sure thing.  i'm excited.  selling one website to a sucker is easy.  selling a second website to two computer-literate people is a bit harder.


May 03 2006

so i saw this picture and thought "who is that standing with paul?  she's really pretty and i've seen her before, but who is she?"

she's definately a pretty girl, but mine's hotter.  here i'd post one pic i'm thinking of, but she asked me to take it down....   so i'll post this one:

mmm  ::licks lips::  j/k  ;)

the final

May 01 2006
so i finished my history final yesterday.  after church, i went out and ate, then went home and was in bed by 11.  i woke up at 10 to my alarm clock.  that's the most sleep i've gotten all semester.  it felt SOOO GOOD.

my new power supply and ethernet card are coming in (hopefully tomorrow).  they're in memphis right now.  for those of you who don't know, those are computer parts.

my last thing this semester is one final.  it's from 9:30-11:30 wednesday.  i'm not worried, seeing as he gave us a CROSSWORD puzzle as a study guide.

i'm definately ready to get this semester over with and to get to work.  making money feels good.