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God, Curch, Family, Friends, Cheerleading, Basketball, Sometimes School, Cell Phone, Computer, Sidekick((whenever I get one..haha))Umm...&& here some things about me!My name is Ashleigh ((Ash, Big Mac)), I live for God, I have the bestest friends ever*I love talkin SmAcK((hehe))I love watchin movies ((especially the same ones over & over!))I love when it rains//snows//thunder- storms, I ♥ Starbucks...carmel frappichino...extra carmel!I absolutly adore cookie dough..give it to me and I'll be happy all of a sudden, I ♥ being random...saying stupid stuff...&&tripping over random things!I ♥ Jewelry...&& I bet I have more than you!I Luv being in ♥ and simply cannot stand it when I am lonely...I also adore make-up I try not to wear too much though!Some things that make me happy would be umm...colors, sticky notes, stuffed animals, going to build a bear, making things, jumping on bed, jumping on trampolines && trying not to fall off!I ♥ dancing and singing and am not shy at all when they're people in front of me ((I am weird normally it the other way around : ), I am a good listener...&& I will listen to anything you wanna talk about!I have an extremely large amount of hyper*activity!I get mad very easily when I am tired, hungry, or when I...nvm!O yeh & when I am mad I tend to get mad at certain people..as well as certain little habits that I notice about people that I am not fond of .....I zone out when I'm bored or don't want to hear what you have to say....sorry just a habbit!I ♥ to laugh && also ♥ to make other people laugh..I am good at that!I can be a really fun and outgoing person if I know you...I will try about anything but if I dont like it I wont ever bother to do it again!Ihave a really bad temper..that of which i'm trying to keep under control...I tend to take things personally, and it makes me angry!Fake people, Snotty people, and Liars make me angry too ..if you are any of these I probably don't like you at all ♥!Making up words is a specialty of mine, or just how to spell them.. it's fun. I call people lush, dear, lovie, love, boo, miss -insert name- or mr. -last name-, babe, babydoll, dollface and darling, A LOT ..I say heck yes ...are you kidding, are you serious and I know right alot too! I Iove to cuddle and watch movies, and if a guy holds my hand, He holds my heart in some form...Hugs get me too...and especially kisses(( remember this is for the guys)) so be careful....I hate goodbyes, especially if i don't get told bye....I have to give everyone a hug and say bye to them, or i'll have a bad feeling all night, or until i see or talk to them again. i'm also terribly afraid of the dark, but walks at night with someone I love are great.. I'm **reaaly** stubborn, and I usually don't give up in arguments. If I all of a sudden stop talking and just stare, you've either pissed me off, hurt my feelings or made me feel unimportant //hated //dumb!I love late night phone conversations that last for hours. Im addicted to my phone ...I don't go anywhere without it.I like talking on the phone until the sun comes up, it's cute. I don't blush often, so if you make me blush, feel special....blushing is adorable and sweet things make me do it.!. I have recently dixcovered that I over analyze things wayy too much.I'm pretty easy to get along with.... if I don't like you ..you'll definately know it!I dont smoke or drink it's discusting...but if you do it...it doesnt make me think of you any less....unless you blow smoke in my face!I HAVE to always be chewing gum or I get cranky or antsy...I love to go shopping with friends...going on dates with the boy I am going out with at the time...tanning...getting nails done...and I love parties♥!Umm...&& thats pretty much all you need to know about me!


July 06 2006

Mmmk!Well I havent been on this phusebox crap in like forever♥well not alot has changed over the past few months..well kindasortanotreally!I havent been to church in A LONG time...the longer im gone the more I miss it = /.Idk my life doesnt ever seem to the the way I wish it would lately.....I know I have done things I probably shouldnt have && I hang out with friends that arent the best role models for me..but its almost like I cant change now...so if everyone could do me a favor and pray for me.Ohkayy well I guess I am gonna go now.

iloveyou ♥Ash;;Bo

About me....♥

March 09 2006

Six things you want to do with me


Five things you wonder about me


Four of my best features


Three things you hate about me


Two words that describe me


One question for me (ask away, I will answer honestly)


**Maybe this will get me some remarks**  I HOPE!!

                      <3 Ash*Bo!

Arkansas = &#9829;...?

March 03 2006

Hello Loves...

                 Ohkayy so I dont know if Arkansas = ♥ b/c I've never been there...until now!I am on my way to Arkansas for a premier cheerleading competition...yayyy!!Wish me luck && pray for a safe trip..I will miss you!♥Ash*Bo

My weekend = boring weekend..

February 25 2006

Hello Loves...

                             Ohkayy..so I guess it's time to update!Umm..nothin really big lately has happened ((same old boring junk))..!All I have done this weekend is um..friday I skipped school..((b/c if a sore throat..haha))and saturday.(today)wen to a party!!Lots of fun alot of people were there!But nothin else really has happened...!I have a myspace now..((I finalyy figured it out..it's um.. www.myspace.com/Ashleigh_Babe_91 yeh it's pretty cool..I also have an xanga that I never get on.. www.xanga.com./HeLovesMeHeLovesYouNot09       But yeh..um I would say alot more but umm..I have nothin to say!!Haha..Ohkayy well I  ♥ U...♥Ashleigh

To The Movies With........Chris Slate?!?...&#9829;

February 18 2006

Hello Loves...

                       Ohkayy....so how has everyone been?Good I hope!I have been ohkayy lately....this weekend has been alot of fun lately!Yep I went to the movies on Friday with **Chris Slate**and some of his friends ..Chris is one cool dude.. haha! We had alot of fun...we seen A Date Movie...that movies was awsome...some parts were gross though!!Hehe!But yeh...I dont know what I am gonna do tonight..me and Jessica might hang out..or I might just stay home and enjoy the ♥Snow Day♥...it snowed alot out here!Um.. nothing really new in my life...O yeh except my ex boyfriend of two years was asking me if I would ever consider us going back out...I dont know..and me Chad J. had a long conversation last night it was really really weird..!But yeh um...anyways I am sooo bored...and kinda bummed out because no one ever leaves me any comments.....Ughh I still am just begging for 15...just 15..Ohkayy...I guess I will go but I ♥ U!!

                          ♥ Ashleigh ♥

&& I sometimes feel a little jealous inside imagining how someone could please him more than me.....&#9829;

February 15 2006

Hello Loves...

                         So how has everyone been?Good I hope I havent been so good lately.Have you ever liked someone ((like...not love...but you like them alot))..but you just feel like you're nothing to them....just like a **rebound**..they are just using you?I am so confused...I feel like I am not god enough..he expects more from me..but I dont know what.I want him to give me a chance...just one and he will see how much I care for him.It's not just an **I like you**care..it's just that I CARE about him in so many ways...it's just so hard to describe how I feel right now..I feel heartbroken... used..played...not wanted..is this crazy?I know that I am not in *Love*...but I just feel umm..head over heels.I dont know who he wants me to be...I want to be myself but I cant..I want to tell him how I feel*but I cant*....what am I supposed to do?I have come to the conclusion...that maybe i've gotten myself into something thats not allowing me to be...me!I want to give up...but then I dont..and all I know is that I care for him and I want to be with him...he just doesnt realize it yet....nd maybe I dont either....**Please** help me....♥Ashleigh

Here are some quotes about how I feel...

He ignores all the girls who
want him because he's too
busy noticing her ♥

My head is saying...Who cares about him*and my heart is screaming I do...he's your drug and....your addicted♥

Why cant I just get over you.... Why do these feelings have to be true? Why do I have to care about you..... why can I just forget all the cute things you do.... I wish these answers I could see.... I wish I could just forget about you.. like the way your forgeting about me..♥

***This last quote I would really like for that **person**to read..***

 I sometimes feel a little jealous inside imagining someone else could please you more than me.... guess it`s my insecurity acting up a bit.. because I know i`m not the most beautiful or the most fun or even the most exciting person you`ll ever meet, but i do*'
know that no matter how long and hard you search, you`ll never find a girl who likes you && cares about you the way I do. ♥

&& There's just something about him....that makes me smile everytime I see him...&#9829;

February 14 2006

Hello Loves....♥

                       ♥ So how has everyone been?Good I hope I have been...umm..ohkayy I guess.Today is Valentines Day...&& you know when it's ♥ Day people are always like Happy Valentines Day....well whats so happy about it when you dont have anyone special in your life..or maybe you do and your just not first on their Valentines list.It really really...Really sucks!& the last few years valentines day has sucked too lets see...2 years ago I was **Head Over Heels**for this guy...who I thought felt the same way...well he didnt!He was cheating on me with one of my old best friends...and then last year I was with the same guy...((his name is Chris.Hargrove))and we broke up a couple days before Valentines Day..and then this year I am stuck on someone ((on Valentines day)) but theres just somthing that makes me smile everytime I see him...it's crazy!!Haha...Ohkay enough about Valentines Day....um..nothing really new in my life...school-boring,cheerleading-boring,family-um..duh.. boring, church-it chruch....and boys well i have pretty much said all I need to say about boys!Haha well I guess I will go...No Wait!!!I still havent got 15 comments....ughh!!!J/p...I ♥ U...


&& There will always be that one guy that no matter how much he hurts you...you will never be able to let him go... &#9829;

February 12 2006

Hello Loves...

                           So how has everyone been?Good I hope..lol!I have been Great!Nothing really new in my life..Oh yeh except I got a new car ((well my mom did...but I'll be able to drive in November...so lets just call it mine!))Everything has been going good...except the whole comment thing...well had 3 but remember my life goal is to get 15!!I am serious!But anyways school has been going good...I'n not failing anymore!But I am still nervous about report cards.Family umm....my  aunt is gonna have a baby and on the 9th of next month we find out if its a boy or a girl((I want a boy)).Boys well lately I have been thinking alot about my ex-Chris.H...we went out for 2 years on and off and I just cant get over the fact that both of us have completely gotten over eachother..I think I have gotten over him..it's confusing.But I just dont understand how there will always be that one guy...no matter how much he hurts you...you can never let him go♥ Friends mmm...whats they're to say about friends O yeh drama..drama..drama!Church has been Ohkayy lately I dont like having to go upstairs with all of the little kids though : ( Well I am fixing to go to cheerleading practice...ughh!But leave me 15 comments P*L*E*A*S*E!!I ♥ You!


&& Why is it that I get so hung up....on someone I cant have....**

February 10 2006

Hello Loves....

                       Ohkayy....so how has everyone been?Good I hope...this phusebox thing is really comin around..I get like 1 comment a day now...WOW thats amazing...but my goal in life is to get 15 comments ((I know that isnt that many but since I get hardley none that would be a huge step!))Lol...anyways,nothing special in life lately...which is totally normal!But I still am getting very depressed lately...Valentines day is in what..ummm...4 DAYS...gah I am screwed..I have no one to spend Valentines with ((sigh))...why is it that I get so hung up on someone...that I know I cant have...and right before Valentines Day...Ughh for once I would like to be happy on Valentines Day...maybe some magic will happen before then...who knows!Haha well I am asking every Phusebox member to leave me a comment...I can just see it now...I will not get 1 comment!J/p..I Luv Everyone...God..and Not Valentines Day!((Oh Yeh Do ya like my new profile pic? Tell me what ya think))

                                          <3 Ash

&& The More Guys I Meet....The More I Realize I Only Want To Be With Him...**

February 06 2006

Hello Loves...

                       So how has everyone been?Great I hope...I am well Idk...Confused!Have you ever liked someone so much and you trust them with anything but then they just let you down.... && Have you ever like someone  but they just dont pay attention to you...I have..But still The more guys I meet.....the more I realize that I only want to be with him...<3 Ashleigh

&& He Had My Whole Heart In His Hands.....And Didnt Care When He Broke It.....

February 05 2006

Hello Loves..

                     Ohkayy...so how has everyone been?Fantabulous I hope**...lol!anyways today was aolt of fun..I guess.I slept in until like 2 or 3...then I got ready for competition..then went to competition...then competed!We got first place...'cause no one was in our division..But we would have beat them of there was anyone!!Lol**!Tomorrow will be boring...I have to go to some baby shower...Ughh!Today was also a sad day because last year today was when me and my ex-b/f of 2 years ((on && off))broke-up...break-ups suck MAJOR...&& the only thing I could think of all day was  ** He was holding my whole heart in his hands.........and didnt even care when he broke it**.........I Heart You          <3 Ashleigh

&& As we sit together...I turn away afraid that he'd see the tears that are about to form in my eyes....He'd ask me if anythings wrong..I smile and say I'm fine....but I just cant help but to wish that he was mine....

February 03 2006

Hey Beautifuls..

                   Ohkayy....So How Has Everyone Been?I Have Been *O* So Good Lately..lol!Lets See....Yesterday Was Not Very Fun Becuase I Had To Get My Braces Tightened....Gah It Hurt Soo...Bad....But I Am Feeling Much Better Now!I Got To Stay At Home...Ate All Day,Was On The Computer Forever and Watched T.V For Forever...What More Could You Ask For??Haha..Well Anyways This Weekend Should Be Fun..I Have A Premier Cheerleading Competition on Saturday And Then On Sunday I Get To Sleep In....YES!!Then Monday School Again...Gah Such A Good Weekend Wasted By Thinking About Moday!Nothing New In My Life Except I Have Feelings For A Guy That I Know Are Real But ... For Right Now We Are Just Friends!!But Thats Ohkayy Right?All I Know Is As We Sit Together...I Turn Away Afraid He'd See The Tears That Are About To Form In my Eyes...He'd Ask Me If Anythings Wrong..I Smile And Giggle and Tell Him I'm Fine...But I Just Cant Help But To Wish That He Was Mine....

&& Dont Settle For The Person You Could Be With.......Settle For The Person You Couldnt Be Without........**

February 02 2006

Hey Beautifuls...

         So how have you been.... good I hope!I have been good things are looking up for me right now.... Ummm... Yesterday was fun I guess.I was supposed to go to Church but nooooo.......... I had to go to a game and cheer...fun*fun ((lol))...well it wasnt worth it becuase we lost ((but only by three points!I cant wait until this weekend  beacuse  I have a Premier Cheerleading competition....and then the weekend after that I am gonna go to the movies with Chris Slate* ,((hopefully Jessica)),and some of Chris's friends...It might be fun..Who Knows!!Well anyways.....Dont you think it's just crazy how you can like someone Soooo...much but you dont know what it is about them that makes them soo special?All I know is that you shouldnt settle for the person you could be with.....settle for the person you couldnt be without..**I Luv Ya...........<3 **Ash** 

&& Whoever Said That Love Isn't Supposed To Make You Cry....**Lied**...

January 31 2006

Hello Loves...

                  So how has everyone been?I have been Good I guess....ok I lied I like someone that probably wont  like me back..*I feel like crying...but I wont.... the only thing that makes me wonder is  Whoever said  love isn't supposed to make you cry...**Lied**....Ohkayy...I guess I will ttyl I heart you!!


&& Isn't It Messed Up How I Am Dying To Be With Him.....

January 30 2006

Hello Loves.......

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like this guy....&& Isnt It Messed Up How I am Dying to Be with Him....

              <3 Ashleigh

&& I Wonder What Life Would Be Like If He Were By My Side...

January 29 2006

Hello Loves...

                  Gah...I am sooo bored right now!How has everyone been...good I hope!I have been good lately...but confused.I really like this guy but I dont know if he likes me or if he'll ever like me...I want to be freinds it's just soooo hard when I like him sooo much,but I dont know how to act around him.....I just wonder what my life would be like if he were by my side!Okay anyways....so I went ice skating the other night for  this church thing and it was kinda fun...((Ice Skating's really not my thing though))but it was still a ummmm **Fun Experience**!!!School-FUN((Not))lol...hard I am failing like 3 subjects!Cheerleading-Scool squad is over but I still have Premier!Church-Has been fun seen alot of people that i havent seen in a while!Family-Whats there to say about family?Boys-Well you read what I said in the beginning......I am still confused!!Well I wish O sooo Much that I could write more but there's nothing to talk about!!<3 Ya **Ashleigh**


January 24 2006

Hey Loves!!

                   So what has everone been up to?Nothing much here...I just got back from Ohio like this morning at like 3 or 4 a.m!We got 1st place at the competition...Well school is good right now I have like 2 F's ((for progress report)).Boys nothin new...except this one guy his name is Micheal and he lives in Franklin...and he is a sophmore....the other guy I liked didnt even really notice me...Oh well!!!Church..was fun the other night ((I guess))...Cheerleading....Same old stuff!!!!Family Good I guess.....Ummm......no one ever leaves me any remarks...UGHHH that makes me soooo mad....haha!!

**Leave Me Lots And Lots Of Remarks**

                               <3 Ya Ashleigh


January 15 2006

Hello Everyone!!

Soo...how's everyone been doing...good I hope!Well I am soo tired I just got back from Chattanooga!It was alot of fun....but I didnt sleep at all!Umm life is good right now I guess...nothing really new in my life school-good I got grades((I guess to me they are)).church-I miss it sooooooooooo....... much but I just dont know if I could come back,I want to though!Boys-same have a *crush*I guess you could say,but the persons name will be left**nameless**!!!lol.cheerleading-good,hard work,fun ((nothings changed))family-I am a teenager nothings ever perfect((but thats life))Phusebox-I have like 3 remarks ((whats up with that???))Xanga-I dont know,justleave me some commentys...kk..Well I guess I will go...I <3 Yew..O Yeh...How do ya like my new profile pic???



January 12 2006

Hey Loves!!!!

                 Sooo...how's everyone been doing??Good I hope!!Well life has been good...I guess.I just got home from cheering at a game!!!It was fun!Umm....no new guys in my life ((except this guy Chris is really hott))!!But he probably wouldnt like me..he's older than me though.Well I guess I will go but leave mwah some remarks or whatever you call them!


January 09 2006

Hello Loves*

Soo....how's everyone been?Good I hope...I have been good execept the fact that I feel like I am talking to myself when I leave an entry thing...b/c no one I know has one!Well anyways here's whats been going on in my life:School*We get Report Cards tomorrrow ((I am gonna fail like ALL my classes))lol.Friends*have been good I have recently learned that I have became friends with people I thought that I would never be friends with && I have lost friends that I thought that I would never lose (( well I guess that life for ya!!))Boys:well no new boys in my life except I seenthis REALLY HOTT guy the other day but he probably doesnt even notice me....but this guy named Travis asked me && I turned him down...he seems **playerish*but what guy isn't right!!!Family*good as could be accepted!Church*I wouldnt know b/c I dont go anymore!!But I miss is sooo much I just dont have the time anymore: ( ...well I guess I will go leave me whatever you call um..&& leave me a comment on my xanga.....  www.xanga.com/HeLovesMeHeLovesYouNot09       well I luv ya'll

                      <3 Ashleigh**