July 15 2006
Camp was absolutely amazing.  I met some really cool people and even built up some relationships with people in youth group.  I was the oldest girl there so I hung out with the guys most of the time but I had a blast.  The beach was nice and the weather was amazing.  I even got in the ocean the last day!  The theme was Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven and the speaker was great.  I learned a whole lot.  The last night always hits me the hardest.  We were sitting on the beach having our devotion last night and Nathan was talking about how bad he felt for not being a good leader and example to the younger high schoolers and it hit me that I should have done more in my time in the youth group but I was too scared to.  I wanted so badly to say something but I clammed up and just thought about my life.  I'll be 19 in 6 days and that doesn't bother me but then I thought, wow, I now have less than a month before college.  The thought of that really stung so I sat there after we were done and just laid there on the sail boat on the beach and thought about having peace and what peace meant to me.  I so often give my mom such a hard time when it comes to me leaving and I realize I shouldn't do that because now she is losing me in less than a month and possibly Amy in January if everything goes as planned.  These thoughts made me realze how I really need to keep things peaceful at home and with friends and to try and be a good leader and role model in college.  I hope that made some sense.  I felt like it was a bunch of rambling but I wanted to share my experience because it's much easier to type out than to say in front of a group like I wish I had done last night on the beach.  I've missed you all and I love you.


July 16 2006
I love you too!! So much to tell you. Wow, being gone for a week, really does sux!!


July 16 2006
Glad you had fun! I missed you bunches! :)


July 17 2006
RYM was defidently awesome. Too bad ouyr youth groups didnt meet before. you know?


July 20 2006
i missed the becky but it's all good we got to hang out when you got back.can't wait till this weekend it's going to be great!

Sarah Vermillion

July 20 2006
Happy Early Berfday! I hope your nineteenth is amazing. ^_^