Pray for Caitlin

January 15 2007
i just wanted to let eveyone know what today my best friend, Caitlin Cheadle was in a pretty bad car accident.
she slid off the road and hit a tree.

she's in intensive care at Vanderbilt right now, her hip is broken and she has some bruised ribs. her elbow also might be broken or bruised.

that's all i know right now, but i also know that she needs prayer, and i know that God can help her through this.
i know she'd appreciate the love.

thanks everyone. <3

Jamie Crabtree

January 15 2007
It seems like veryone is getting into car accidents, a girl I know got hit. But I'll be praying for her none the less.


January 18 2007
I had a girl in my school end up in the hospital with a fractured pelvis -- she pulled through. She's still in a wheelchair, but what matters is that she's okay... Prayer for a stranger :) Will do.