18 in 8 days...

October 13 2006

... and 22 minutes. ish.

that's big.
i'm not 100% sure how i feel about it.
i kinda wish i had more stuff in my life figured out than i do. but i don't, so i'll deal with it.

i'm kinda hoping something big is gonna happen and life is gonna make this big U-turn and go in the ideal direction.
but i'm trying to not expect anything.
i always end up expecting stuff, and then when it doesn't happen, i get all depressed and lose hope.

yeah. i wish i was a little more grown up.
but at the same time, i still wanna be a kid.

there's no turning around now.
so hold my hand guys - i'll need my friends!

but aside from all the anxiety...
i'm so excited! this is huge - to me, anyway.

i can't WAIT till my birthday!