go number 80!

August 26 2006

so i love highschool football games!

i meet SO many awesome people. (hi ALEX) hahaha. and those three awesome chicks i rang around the rosie with. i only remember Valerie's name... and Ju's nickname. and that Michael guy (jessi's bf) and those skater kids... aanndd... Corey and Travis!

yeah. good times.

Sarah Vermillion

August 26 2006
Oh yeah. Football games. I forgot we had those. : p

kelsey shearron

September 03 2006
i looove your profile picture. you are so cute..did you know that?..i love you stephen..dont you ever doubt that. im sorry the homecoming thing didnt work out..dont hate me!!..im taking mike sandman..i think we will have fun.. .see you at school!