March 11 2006

i had a great weekend. after work on thursday i went to Caitlin's and had a sleepover with her and Addie. we were out driving around and being CRAZY till like 3:30 in the morning. it was a blast. went to Steak 'n Shake and looked for a party. Cait and Addie flashed... we were just wild.


then firday we had lunch with Brian then took Ads home, and Cait and i hung out. Andrew came. and... we hung out. then Andrew and i went and saw Ultraviolet. i missed Sarah Wall's bday party ... and felt really bad. but after the movie we went to Carly's and watched Party Monster with her and Abby. Andrew fell asleep. he is PRECIOUS when he's asleep. he hums. aaaaaww. but he's really weird and random when he's tired. he insists we were driving on a bike trail last night...? hehe. and he spent the night at my house.

then today... just sat around. played Sims. went to Mickey Dee's with Andrew. and now i'm typing.

whoo hoo. the new Sims expansion pack is amazing. they have New Wave now and Depeche Mode is on there. fun. and they can open a business.

anyway. i'm off.

Abby Dee

March 11 2006
uhh, andrew is A-MAZINGGG


March 11 2006
glad you had a gret time stevy!


March 11 2006
Party monster my favorite movie!!! ~tRISH