March 04 2006

so omg, we had a totally epic time in Nashville. it was me, Caitlin, Andrew, and his friend Patrick. who is amazing.

we had so much fun.

we didn't stay for the show at Coco, cause it was $4, and we didn't want to pay for it. haha. so we ate and walked around town acting crazy and taking pictures. epic.

and... some guy tried to sell us wasted concert tickets. (the show was canceled) and we gave change to homeless people. aanndd... took lots of pictures. looked at magazines in Borders. were amazing. uhm. i asked Andrew on a date. ^_^ and Patrick asked me out. and Caitlin laughed both times. and we had the most wonderful time ever.

it was great.

we are awesome.


March 04 2006
aww that's so awesome! glad you had a great time!