my saturday of snow

February 18 2006

so i saw Curious George with JohnJohn, Ethan, Becky, and my mom. it was SO SO so cute!! omg. i loved it. George is adorable.

yup. i want one. i even cried at some parts. great movie. i reccomend it.


tonight after work sucked. i rolled my window down to say bye to Brigette, and then it would only go halfway up... then i went to get gas, and the door to my gas cap was frozen shut, so i had to scrape the ice with my key... and i tried to get the window to go up, and it did a little, but it's still about an inch open... i think the motor's broken.

but other than that... okay day.



February 18 2006
awww, i think you need an all around NEW car. serioulsy you shouldnt be driving like that in the cold. you will catch some... well cold. seriously kidos!!! <3's ::+::Chelsey::+::


February 19 2006
anyday kido!!! <3's ::+::Chelsey::+:: But seriously look into it??!?!??!

Sarah Bowers

February 19 2006
Aw, sorry about your car situation..... yeah I had a frowzen sheet of ice on my car..... but did I stay home last night? Of course not! I didn't get in until 5 this morning, lol......... And you're welcome =) Even if you decide not to go to the school, I still suggest going to the open house so they get to know you early, in case you do decide to go there. It just looks really good if you show an early interest in case that's where you decide to go on down the road. ttyl and I miss u and <3 u too!!!! Sarah~

Abby Dee

February 20 2006
curious george. i must see it. <3


February 21 2006