i'm naked around you. does it show?

January 18 2006

well... i want to say to everyone that i'm sorry.

i'm sorry for anything i've ever said that made you feel insignifigant, hurt your feelings, or made me seem like an asshole.
sometimes i don't even realize i'm doing it, and i'm trying to think about things more before i say them, and think about how i'm saying them.

i'm sorry for ever being selfish or only thinking about me. for expecting people to do things for me, like it's my right.

and i'm sorry for ever seeimg or being ungreatful or unthankful. for not thanking you when you did something nice for me.
i'm gonna try to start thinking about thanking people more and not assuming they'll know i'm thankful.

and i'm saying this to everyone.

you've all got Kohry to thank for this revelation. he's amazing. he sits me down, and makes me see me the way i am. and it tears me up. but he knows just how to build me back up to feel better about myself and be a better person.
i'm so naked around him. sometimes it's scary... but i'm so thankful for him.

i love you all so much.



January 18 2006
lol you haven't said anything mean to me! I FEEL SPECIAL WHEN IM AROUND YOU! lol* manda ayers*


January 18 2006
Yay! You've never said anything mean to me. Ever. I didn't know you were capable of that. And, I don't think you've ever seemed unthankful. You're the bestest, Ste. Don't ever think anything but.

Sarah Vermillion

January 18 2006
Sounds like you caught yourself a good one there.