too many chips

December 09 2005

FUN night!!!!

i took Josef to Cafe Coco! i hadn't been since like September. i had my vanilla mocha thingy, and my hummice. ^_^ Jo said he really liked it.

i got to see ALAN and LIBBY!! it was great.

omg, and huge coincindence, Rachel Pearl was there singing! it was so epic. i didn't even know she was gonna be there.

i definetly missed that place.


Drink Dajen

December 09 2005
omg i LOVE cafe coco me and my sister go their all the time.. or we did during the summer... :D. that makes me smile.. jen


December 09 2005
ohh those are yummy little things!


December 10 2005
yea we definately had too much fun...and there were a whole bunch of chips lol