finding things to do is fun!!

October 30 2005

i was all upset that no one was calling me to hang out, so i went to the HoeDown at World Outreach. and it was fun. Kasey couldn't hang out cause, coincidently, she felt sick. and Anne had an essay to write. so i hung out with a bunch of 13- and 14-year-olds. it was fun

but how weird is this...

i have a crush on a freaking 13-year-old boy! he's not even in high school! i thought i was over that!

... i guess you can't control who you like. (?)

aaanndd, Germani and Asia invited me to go trick-or-treating tomorrow night! ^_^ that makes me happy. but Kasey prolly can't go. i really feel like the two of us are drifting. and i hate it. i cried about it last night.

::sideways-mouth face:: love to my homies...


October 31 2005
aww schnauzers are the best ... happy halloween!!! .. have a awesome night! love- liz :) :)