December 10 2005


Bad Day

November 22 2005

Hey, Sorry I havent updated in while. Well to day was a pretty. This morning was pretty bad my mom got mad me b/c I asked her to fix my hair b/c it wasnt workin w/ me so I told that it wasnt working and she mad and yelled me "DONT EVER ASK ME 4 HELP AGIAN"  so I started to cry and was like "Are u P.M.Sing on me already" so I told to get out and she slamed my stratner down and almost broke it. So she was yelling at me to hurry up so I ran into my to get shoes and in the process of this yelling and screaming at each other my dog had PISSED on the floor and I just manged to step in it. And my dad is now yelling at me to come down stairs so I grab EVERYthing and run down stairs  and almost fall. Well my gets at the dog and drops my food all OVER the front porch cause I told that the dog had pissed on the floor which makes me jump back and scrap my foot cause remeber I have no shoes on. So my dog ride to school w/ us and she is on her peiord so she gets blood all over my favorit pair of pants that made me even more angry. So I get to science class yeah umm pretty sure I only got 5 rite then I get lunch and I am crying and I get to math have a test in there but I think I did good on that one but idk. And my day slowly got better  dog that pissed on the carpet


October 11 2005
Well over fall break I went to the Bahamas and I had an AWESOME! time I meet so many cool people. And the ship that we were on was MASIVE! it had a rock wall,ice skating rink,basketball,court,put-put corse. One Nikki,Tes and I desided that we wanted to ice skating it was I fell 2 and so did Tes the first time that i fell was i trying to skate backwards and whne I tryed to turn around I fell on my FACE it was pretty funny and then the 2nd time that i fell we were all swing each and these little kids got in our so we let go and some how I fell On my face agian it sucked and then Tes fell twice to the first time Nikki pushed her but she didntn some little kid got in her way to and she fell but on her face it was alot fun but most o f the time we hung out by the hot tube cause there nothing better to do unless u wanted to ride the elevator that was fun we got in troble few times doing that we would push the all the buttons and when some would get on we would run off and meet them at the next floor it was funny. One time we got 20 people in there it was great. Man let me tell u what I never seen so many little people in my life ther were bout 50 of them I meet one his name was chris he was a nice guy very nice guy. I got me a curze b/f as nikki would say he was a sweet. well my hand is starting to hurt so if u want hear more bout the trip u could go look on my xanga www.xanga.com/bubbly_1 ill get some pics up later


August 30 2005
Well this weekend Jacqulyn and I went to Dolly Wood it was a lot of fun.On the up there this guy blew a kiss at jacqulyn it was so funny we both looked at each other in shock then my mom got mad cause hae kept flowing us then she finally looked at him and he got off at the next exit very funny. We rode some rides and the first ride that we rode were the swings and we tried to get my grandma to ride and she was makin up all these exuse wy she could ride and one was " those things are to heavy they'll rip my shoulder off." lol shes a big baby. And we rode this one ride that like a half pipe lookin thing and you got and it spune you around and it looked like u were going to fly off so much fun and I rode my first up side rollar coaster and after I got off i was like I gotta I gotta DO THAT AGIAN! but we never did. Then we did some shopping and we bought some shorts taht said get 'r done across the butt and we went to that aquirma they have some cool fish over there man let u. and we did some more shopping it was nice.



August 21 2005
Well we got crushed by Tallhoma 6-0. But its was okay b/c we played hard and thas all that matters.Yesterday we played Warren county that was a good game we tied 1-1. Well thats all t2ul

School starts MONDAY!

August 13 2005
Im so happy that school has started. Im so happy to be in high school. Well the first day of school I have soccer game Im really looking forward to playing. We are playing Tallhoma hopefully we do good but the starts at 6 at oakland yall should come and watch it should be good I hope. Well g2g I have to go make some money later



August 04 2005
I am bored out of mind I dont even knw wht to do with my self it kinda sucks. *sigh* I dont even knw wht to rite in this thing nothing really has been goin on but soccer.Once something happens I will write bout it k

Im Finally Off This Rollar Coaster

August 01 2005
This have gottin better for me life is back to normal. Well this weekend I went bowling with Nikki Trey Anglea Jeremy Aaron and Samantha it was fun but I found out that I really suck at bolwing. Then I went to the lake with Jacqulyn we rode the tube for like 3 hours and we got maybe a 10 min break. Dude and let me tell u I have never gone so fast on a tube like that b4 it was crazy at frist I was a little scard but I got over real fast it was so much fun have to do it agian some time well got to get ready for soccer

Thanks yall for the support expeclly the soccer team

I feel like Im on some kind of a rollar coaster

July 26 2005
I feel like Im on this rollar coaster and I cant get off.Im happy and then Im sad. So much stuff has just happend to me in one year firts my nana dies then doctors tell me that my uncle only has less than a week to live. And one of my best friends dad dies its just so much to handle and yesterday my mom picks me from soccer and tells me that she took my dad to the hospital cause hes have might be having a hreat attack but the doctors stop it in time befor he had one so thats good but there gonna keep him anthor day and tomarrow there going to run some test to see if there are any cloged artries (i think i spelled that wrong) I wish that I could get off this damn rollar coaster and life could back to the was before all this happend


July 20 2005
Well today I was playin soccer with trey and jeremy in my fort yard well i have these flower pots along my side walk and trey got mad cause he couldnt get the ball form me so he pushed into the flower pot and now I have this HUGE! not on my shin and it hurts like a MOTHER then trey threw on my bed and I hit my head on my bed and now my head hurts no thaks to trey. It was not fun and u knw what trey pay back is a BITCH just rember that

Ding-Dong Ditch

July 08 2005
Well yesterday me and my friend katie got bored so we decided to play ding-dong ditch which was really fun. Well after awhile we got bored running away so when came up with this idea instead of runnin away we would dance when they came to the door. We got some pretty weird looks from people it was fun. So now we are going to try to ding-dong ditch everybody in our neigborohood and vedio tape it it should be really funny.
Well tomarrow I have to this memoral cause my friends dad died which is going to be really hard cause he was kinda my dad away from home. Then I'll probly go vist my uncle cause hes dieing the doctor says he only has 1 week want to see him b4 he goes. so thats what I have doing lately so talk to u guys later


July 06 2005
Well today I made pudding with Katie it was very interesting. Then we made milkshakes then katie poured heer milkshake into my pudding then I poured my milkshake into her pudding and then it got all over the table and my dad got mad which was very funny now we are doing nothing but sitting at the computer well g2g



June 25 2005
Hey I just got this thing today and I have no idea what does and how it works so we will just see what happens with this thing.

Well today me and Jack went to Ihop then we hung out at my house and talk to my next door neighboro Megan then we went to go play some soccer games that wasnt very fun and I always love to play a soccer game today idk it was very fun.Then after that I went to go baby sit that wasnt very bad. So in ur FACE! Jacqulyn and that was my very AWSOME! j/p