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September 26 2005
today was EXHAUSTING
and i don't really know why.
it wasn't exactly a hard day
just a long one
:sigh:... mondays, i guess.

i realized today that i do ALOT of unnecessary walking daily.
i can't wait 'till i'm a Senior and most to all of
my classes are in the main building

but 'till then...

friday = patriot parade
heck yes
i'll pay and schmo $20 to get out of class
and eat pizza
then leave early!

wow: next week is FALL BREAK!
life flies by too quickly

R-A-D spells rad

September 24 2005
so my weekend's totally been RAD
how 'bout yourselves??

(will type in more detail about my weekend on the morrow)


(ps: NEW PICTURES please comment, hos!!)

purple is good for your health

September 22 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

so... friday's going to kick butt.
(in a good way)
i'm planning on having a few people over
and whoever else...
are going to go to kid's castle and play around..
then we're walking over to the mall
and starbucks


September 18 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

so ash spent the night with me last night.

it was awesome!!

check out our HAWTT pictures we took ^_^
and COMMENT, yo.


September 17 2005
boy.. i'm one tired mofo.
last week was home coming week
it was fun times.

'speshully thursday and friday ^_^
thurs = got to get out of fourth period and eat far east
fri = half day of school/ home coming game (we lost miserably) :pout:

but whatev'

tony and i enjoy singing pixies songs into megaphones ^__^

i feel discusting... i think i'll go take a shower now


September 14 2005
the variety show kicked YOUR butt


September 10 2005

photo from SeeRockCity


September 10 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

i had a dream i went to paris. marvelous.

it's 6am.... and i have no idea why i'm awake :slaps face:

last night was magnificent.
sheesh.. so many cool kids i knew were at the plain life enemy show


September 09 2005
milly and i are going to make shirts that read:

"cussing people should shut up"

ste's going to pick me up and take me to the CONCERT tonight. at salt and pepper

i have a crush on this guy...
he has no idea :pout:

know what's gooooood?
diet cherry vanilla Dr pepper AND dry ramen noodles, yo.


i wish i had a sweater-vest


hurray for 90s weekend on 102.9 ^_^
the only time i listen to that station any more.

my entries are always long and pointless...


soul meets body

September 06 2005
I want to live where soul meets body
And let the sun wrap its arms around me
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing
And feel, feel what its like to be new

Cause in my head there’s a greyhound station
Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations
So they may have a chance of finding a place
where they’re far more suited than here

I cannot guess what we'll discover
Between the dirt with our palms cut like shovels
But I know our filthy hand can wash one another’s
And not one speck will remain

I do believe it’s true
That there are roads left in both of our shoes
If the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too
So brown eyes I hold you near
Cause you’re the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Where soul meets body
Where soul meets body
Where soul meets body

I do believe it’s true
That there are holes left in both of our shoes
If the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too
So brown eyes I hold you near
Cause you’re the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

won that CD friday "rock U" at MTSU


September 05 2005

y'know.. i didn't go to siegel/oakland game... sorry. i told some peeps i would go.. but i went to a cool concert at MTSU with some cool kids...


August 30 2005
no school

i'm bored

my computer is crashed

so... won't hear from me for a while

you'll live =]

so life.. and a bag of chips

August 26 2005
i've noticed spicy foods make my nose itch

so my dad's a jerk.
he won't let me go to prom with germani :pout:
it made me cry a little

football game -wow... losers are we.

but i had fun ruinngin around and socializing (fo-sho -cari) so that made me smile
oakland power

~ste was adorable
~cari made me laugh until i could no longer breathe
~band kids own your soul
~stuart boyce

i'm addicted to the word jola
i'm actually beginning to annoy myself
and that's never good :strokes chin:


I GET TO GET NEW CLOTHES TOMORROW!!! geeeee, i'm 'cited!

jamie is a super-cool kid

today was very interesting...

August 25 2005
keyboarding - Phil's peeling some old tape of of my computer....

me: "dude, stop molesting my computer"

phil: "i'm not molesting it. i'm just undressing it a little."

that is my quote of the day.

watching gilmore girls makes me happy times 12

oakland power :laughs:

germani asked me to prom. is that great or what?? i hope i can go. i told him "yes until further notice" :giggle:

uhhh.... i'm going to go eat spaghetti

chapstick, and chapped lips, and things like chemestry(or in my case.. biology)

August 23 2005
so all of my friends are getting sick
(i'm probably next)

according to Brett i'm a pretty mutt

my cat is playing "let's piss off abby" today
he's winning

went on a "nature walk" in biology today. it was really funny. only at oakland will your abiotic factors consist of an old microwave, pizza boxes, and beer cans.

tony uses my head as an arm-rest

he thinks i'm too short
he's just too tall

eeeek!!! hormones
WHY can't i think of anything but you??
seriously.. you're depriving me of sleep.


Jesus walks among us.

August 21 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

leave me some comments on my delicious pictures.

pretty please.

this time last year...

August 20 2005

i miss you, Bruce Gilley

Photo From SeeRockCity

August 19 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

raise your hand if you think this is the coolest kid ever!!!!!!!

:raises hand:

single. like singly-cheese... jessy loves singly-cheese... i miss jessy...

August 18 2005
i want to be un-single-ized, yo
anyone wanna help me with that??? (larlar)


you know it's true.

today was wonderful... 'nuff said.
i'm glad for many reasons.

Eric (Weezer) is adorable... he calls me alot now

i miss Bruce....

i love you....

i love food network... fat kids loooove food network. i want pie =P



August 16 2005
i wish i had something interesting to say...

school = exhausting
but it was fun times, i suppose.

there was a circle of my friends sitting in the middle of the courtyard at lunch.. so of course i walked up to them and tapped each one on the head "duck... duck... duck...." then i got to ashley "GOOSE" and she cheated and ran through the circle. but i totally got to her seat before she could catch me


haha... i'm so lame..