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November 06 2005

i think i'm going to commit the dirty-lazy-sin of copying my xanga entry..
because it's just been that kind of a day.

didn't go to church today..
not really sure why... just didn't feel like going.
that sounds kindof bad.
instead i had sortof a "family day"
i did some laundry..
worked on my Art project
played with my dogs
ate Little Ceasers
went jogging
talked to Brett on the phone
watched a butt-load of TV
talked to my mommy in French
now i'm watching Tomb Raider <33
totally a "dude" movie...
guns.. a hot chick... explosions, special effects, and death

i'm not a dude but still totally love it.
today was pretty lazy but it was a nice break, y'know?
staying at home isn't so bad.

tomorrow's monday :loathe:


this is an entry

November 05 2005

i love chels <3


November 04 2005


my father's a jerk.

we got into a fight this morning...

about me putting my feet on the dashboard.

me: "y'know?? i could be skipping school to do drugs like most people. but the worst thing i ever do is put my feet on the dashboard!?"

dad: grumble "i-love-you, goodbye"

me: slams door

yeah.. pretty sure i'm probably going to be KILLED when i get home
but it was worth it.

i think he grounded me from coffee :laugh:
((i love this girl))                                                                  me

this weekend's going to be fun.

i get to go shopping sunday with my mommy.

and tonight i think i'm going to go to a movie with some friends.

i'm tre tired.

i need to do my french homo-work during lunch.
tee gee eye eff


birthdays and mustaches

November 01 2005

14 days until my
b i r t h d a y


westerns are silly.

shootin' people with handle bar mustaches
is not exactly my idea of a super-fun time...

but then again...




October 30 2005

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) marry a hott musician
2) move FAR FAR away from Tennessee
3) have three kids
4) lose 50 pounds
5) grow hair long enough to cover my boobs :giggle:
6) go to France
7) eventually; get over my fear of driving.

7 things I can do:

1) make purses
2) i've been told i give some pretty killer hugs
3) touch my toes
4) draw stuff <3
5) kiss you on the cheek
6) miss bruce
7) read

7 things I cannot do:

1) lie
2) understand football
3) dance
4) ask guys out because i'm a wimp
5) drive
6) live without music
7) tell time

7 things that attract me to another person:

1) adam's apples :purr:
2) he has to love music as much if not more than i. (good music)
3) bilengual (not required but still very hott)
4) taller than i am
5) Christian
6) humerous
7) pretty hair

7 things I say most often:

1) jola
2) diz-ang
3) i'm poor
4) totally
5) eh??
6) he's really hott
7) oops

7 people I want to do this:

1) you
2) you
3) you
4) you
5) you
6) maybe him
7) you


October 28 2005

Donald is my s t a l k e r


Tee Gee Eye Eff
is all i can say.

the oakland/REEFERdale :cough: game was tre fun
(even though we lost embarassingly)

went to target and got a spiderman hoodie. from the little boy's section<3

Nelson, Tony, and Redford are pretty much the coolest people i know.

oh gosh! that was pretty dang amazing.
until he got caught my the popo.
i donated a whole dollar for his bail.
it was the highlight of the evening, i must say.

free Kurt Simmons!



i believe it is time i drool on my pillow.

abby-d e e


October 26 2005


olive juice

October 26 2005

remember when it was cool to mouth "olive juice" to people
and it looked like "i love you"?

i was thinking about that today... me and Bruce used to do that to eachother in the 6th grade. :sigh: those were the times.

opie the parakeet died yesterday.

i am sad....


"olive juice"

"did you step on a cow?"

October 22 2005

shoo, what a W E E K E N D <3

t'was nice.

ste's party was pretty dang fun.
we played suck and blow.
Germani and i accidentally dropped the card like.. 5 times and kissed >_<
it was pretty funny.
i got a robot keychain at target.
his name is "Zed"
went to Carly's and slept for about 12 hours. (amazing)
then we met Ryan [from myspace] and his friend who looked like timmy hendrix at starbucks.
had some yummy coffee.
we all went to Marshal's(sp?) and saw the skuzziest man ALIVE!
he was wearing spandex-y booty-shorts. and he had a dirty sanchez. we took pictures of him. and named him
R E X THE S E X. larlar
ste got an ipod nano. ::jealous x12::
carly and i went to Mary's part-ay. it was fun times. even thought not too many people were there.
i think i'm going to AQUA NET my hair every day.
i like having my hair bigger than my shoulders =]

i'm in need of coffee-tis-ation
but alas....

shall post pictures some time... later <33


.abbled a b b l e s.


October 21 2005

this is the face i make when i'm bored.

hmm... this weekend is going to me PACKED with events:

i'm going home with ste after school
we're going to straiten his hair
carly is going  to pick me up from his house
carly and i are going to go buy his BIRTHDAY GIFT <3
go to Ste's party
go to carly's and crash

outing with ste
mary's halloween party
(carly and i are going to be 80s kids)

play practice (church)

:whew: abby's STRESSED.

next weekent i NEED to hang out with my main man, NELSON (heh)



October 18 2005

today was nice.

last night i drank too much coffee and stayed up past midnight..
and collaged EVERYTHING i could get my hands on.
t'was fun.

sheesh.. i haven't updated in quite a few days.
LOTS of stuff has been happenin' with school and church and what-not.

watching: That 70s Show =]
wearing: sponge bob pj pants and my confucious shirt
eating: cheese sticks <333
thinking: "man-o-man, these cheese sticks are killer."

song(s) of the day:
- harajuku girls/ Gwen Stefani (hush)
- brighter than sunshine/ Aqualung
- coffee and TV/ Blur


October 15 2005

for new PhuseboXXX

makes me smile lots.

the wedding was AMAZING!! Joanna (cousin) and Adam are so cool. i'm going to spend a week with them in vegan bliss  in their home in Portland, Oregon this summer after they've adopted their chinese baby girl (zanna). eeeep! in honor of their soon-to-be baby, the wedding had a chinese flare. along with jewish and other religions' customs. the invitations were printed on home made paper with beautiful gold-leafed cranes printed on them (all of which Joanna did herself) Joanna and Adam both wore traditional chinese clothing. [beautiful] it was just amazing

and like an IDIOT i forgot my camera >_<


~ste's party is NEXT WEEKEND <3
~church is tomorrow
~phusebox is awesome ('speshully now)
~i wish i was back in birmingham


wishes, dragons, and weddings.

October 14 2005
i wish someone would fall in love with me.

off to birmingham for a wedding tomorrow.

my mom gave me an AWESOME bronze bangle with dragons engraved on it she found in her old jewelry box. it's from the early 80s

&#9829;i think i'm going to copy tony &#9829;

October 12 2005
My heros: my mom, Bruce Gilley, Carly, Beck, Raffie...

My parents: Barbie and Ron Donnell

My dreams: to become an accomplished artist and to get out of this town.

My true home: heaven

My religion: christian. no particular denomination. right now i go to a baptist church, though..

My belief(s): being a girl is pretty dang cool, God is awesome, Music is amazing, and live by the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated

ho-hum... there are plenty of new pictures, kids. i'd enjoy remarks on them

whew.. second day back...

October 11 2005
so yesterday was monday. not only monday but the first day back from that oh-so-needed week off. "fall break" was alright.. i think we shouldve gotten another week. (or... 12) but y'know.. whatev'

i'm currently at school as i type this...
nothing too thrilling happening, i must admit.

the cold-ness is my friend =]
looooves it.

birthday count: 35 days O_O
i need to be planning a par-tay....

lind-z's suggestion was a good-n.
a decade themed partry.
i think i'm going to have it to where everyone chooses their own generation and comes dressed as if they were from that era. y'like???

it's not official. but i'm pondering it.

well.. i think that's it for updating for now.


(ps: you guys stink at remarking) =P

Photo From SeeRockCity

October 08 2005
so went to CARLY's this wekend

yuumm.. now i'm hungry.

October 06 2005
You Are Japanese Food
Strange yet delicious.

Contrary to popular belief, you're not always eaten raw.
What Kind of Food Are You?


October 04 2005
how come on "what not to wear" they always throw out things that i yould wear??


do YOU think i dress badly?

(don't answer that if the answer's 'yes')

thank you.

:sigh: yet another boring day at the Donnell house..

i want some starbucks, yo

what should i do for my birthday this year??
another house-party?
suggestions would be nice, kids.
my birthday's Nov. 15

"there's an eye in me soup."

October 01 2005
yesterday was pretty cool.

went to school (patriot parade) it was pretty fun times.

then my mom came and took me to MTSU with her where i found the future father of my children.

he was...


too bad he was 22-ish... >_


September 28 2005
i just love how no one leaves remarks any more