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December 30 2005

oh em gee

100th entry, everyone

i never realized how lost i'd be with out you, phusebox of mine. i'll never take advantage of you again, cross my heart-promise.

my christmas was amazingly amazing.
i got a new camera (you know what that means)
io'm going to delete about.. a million of these
pictureson here to make room for the new ones.

so.. i just woke up.

went to the McFadded reunion lock-in
had a good time until about.. 3am..
which is when i realized i hadn't slept in about three days.
and this made me tired. but i didn't get any sleep for multiple reasons.

1) it's impossible to fall asleep at 3 in the morning.
2) some stupid, pubescent eighth graders (why were they there?) wouldn't shut up. so i like.. yelled at them. it didn't work.
3) i was on the floor and my body hurt.

so.... at seven this morning: i came home, put on pajama pants and fell asleep. woke up at 3:15pm and my family has vanished. o_O

oh wow. i enjoy hanging out with Carly-Gee. she is my favorite carly in the world.

more entries later.. i'm still not awake fully.

and i'll probably to back to sleep or something.



December 17 2005

abby likes a boy.
and she thinks this
boy likes her back.
but she's too much
of a wimp to act
on it.. i lose.

cory's party was really fun.
until the cops showed up..



December 09 2005


all i can say is this kids:
1) jason mraz is amazing live
2) the jokes are endless about Gay St. in nashville
3) the mellow mushroom is my favorite e v e r.
4) more cowbell, daddy-o
5) the ushers at the war memorial are really anal.

i had a really fun night.


December 09 2005



i am loved by Cari more than bowl of crack and apple juice

December 08 2005

yesterday was Cari's birthday
we surprised her at Starbucks.
she loved it.
then Jarod and i went to the mall and grabbed her her gift.
i love that kid, Jarod.
ANDD i saw Ryan at buckle and hugged him alot.
then we went to Belle Aire for youth
and i met some cool people.
i think i'm going to start kindof going to belle aire...
because i loved it so.
and my church... i don't know... i'm having thoughts..
Eric sat beside me with his little sheep, baba.
he's so silly.
AND i got a TV in my room again. (finally)
i slept with the satelite radio on.

cari's 16th was great.

ps: thanks for all the support on my last entry.
that was alot of remarks.
and surprisingly... none of them were hateful.
actually, all were loveful.

jedi jesus.. no more.

December 05 2005

okay.. so i took jedi jesus away.
people were freaking out about it.

goodness, people.

and i wouldn't ever want anyone to be worried about a stupid picture that i found to be amusing. so you know what, fellow Christians? there you go. <33

i understand how people could not like it.

let's play the "everything is satan" game, phuseboxians


December 04 2005

so today i went to Opry Mills
with my youth group.

let's just say Erica, Bre, Ash, and i
had a very interesting time.
it was super-crazy-awesome-fun.

the pink spiders are good.

tee gee eye eff

December 02 2005

woah, dang.
i'm so glad it's the weekend.
i'm talking super-mega-glad.
because i'm so tired of school and things.
i cannot wait until


7 days until Mrazzzzzzz

i'm soooo excited!

Erica (older sister) gave me some tre adorable japanese stationery
i think i'm going to try and get a penpal. preferably out of this country.
like England

perhapse perhapse.

because.. i dont know.. i have an urge to.

"i'm seein' stars,
i'm seein' stars/
oh my
starry eyed surprise
sundown to sunrise
we gonna dance all night,
dance all night to this DJ..."


November 29 2005

so today was.. cold.
i wore a pretty fun outfit today.
Matt B took a picture of it with his camera phone.
it was my jean mini with my black leggings under,
a long white shirt with a pink belt over it,
my puffy-vest-y-sweater, and my rasta shoes.

i had a sub in math today.
he kept telling us Vietnam stories
and how he's a retired cop.

i laughed.

he was like "rar, i'm manly"

how come our progress reports have yet to show up?
oakland's slow.


mraz babies

November 28 2005

okay okay...
so school's back.
it rained alot
my feet are still wet.

i like a boy. but
what's sad is
i'm too afraid to
act on it. that's
how it usually goes.



i need a haircut.
the split ends are making me cry
(quite litterally)

the Mraz tickets came
in today <3

i'm so excited.

it's going to be a blast.
hopefully, december 9th will
be the night i convence
jason mraz that i should be
the one to bare his children.


strawberry poptarts

November 25 2005


abby wants to
go shopping
with C A R L Y
tomorrow <3

thank you, jesus.

November 23 2005

what am i thankful for?
wow... alot.

oh my goodness, and so much more.


November 22 2005


oui, oui.

November 20 2005

D O O D !

abby got a buttload of new clothes, last night <333

i hung out with my mom
we had a blast!!
just me and mommy.
we couldn't stop laughing.
she's like a little kid
in a good way of course
we went to Target
and Kirkland's (i'm so going to work there)
i love looking at christmas decorations.



i'm a happy child.



November 18 2005

stayed home, today.
i wansn't sick but i...
just had a rough night.
hmm.. don't feel like
going into it right now.

i had a productive
day off, though.

slept in
cleaned my closet
and my room
drew some stuff for
my portfolio.

i do believe i'm going to
try to go to governer's


worth a shot.

i hope i can do something
fun tomorrow<3


"wouldn't it suck if your last meal was beer?"

November 15 2005


i safety pinned a piece of paper that read
"it's my birthday"
it was nice.

my french class sang joyous anniversaire(happy birthday)
to me.
and stuff.

after school i got a SURPRISE PARTY at espresso jo's!!!
it was amazing!
i just love my friends.
red gave me hello nasty by the beastie boys, "the jesus album" which is just all the songs he knows with jesus in them, and a mixed CD me made himself
cari got me some POCKEY and a 10dolla gift card for hastings
ste forgot his gift =P
andy gave me a swell card and 20 bucks...
my sister gave me a vangogh calendar and a journal.

it was just a very good day.
besides the crazy tornado watches o_O?
my neighbor made me some home made bread for my birthday.
is that not SWEET??

i love you all.
i am sixteen

the queen abb-rock.



November 14 2005

song of the day: purple snowflakes by Marvin Gaye
i'm in the Christmas spirit.

went home early from skew, today.
i was all.. sickly.
so i layed on a heating pad just for kicks
put on some polar flece pants with monkeys on them
and watched a buttload of TV

t'was nice

B I R T H D A Y <3


November 12 2005

i only called him about
a thousand times, today...




November 11 2005

chillin' at ste's

i'm going to the play at Riverdale
nelson couldn't go
pretty bummed about that one
heh. it's cool, though
i finally get to satisfy my carly craving in about thrity minutes



November 08 2005

my driveway's kindof creepy

wow... it's tuesday.
i miss carly.
my report card should turn out pretty darn well.
this weekend = shopping for new clothes