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why am i listening to this?

March 24 2006


all of my friends
are going somewhere
cool this week..

i can't seem to be
in a good mood...


March 18 2006


ste was on his period
we wanted a baby
carly got grounded
i tried on a dress
ate chinese food with amber and linz
ste and i were winey
so we went to Hastings and looked at gay books.
and FRUITS 2
he read disco bloodbath outloud to me
got some cds from a kid my mom goes to school with

he's hella cute.

it's saturday.


"money, sucess, fame, glamour"

March 11 2006

uhhh... my luuuuvaaah

so.. this weekind has
been pretty dang amazing.
went to carly-boo's and we
hung outs wif brian and nelson
and took pictures of graveyards
and we went to hastings
and rented party monster
and i FINALLY met &droo
ste and andrew and i went to
the cason lane playground
while carly was cleaning her room
and then we went to her house and
watched a movie and ordered a pizza
andrew fell asleep and it was cute.

today i babysat
and drove my dad's bubba truck
that truck is HUGGGE

the end.



March 06 2006

wow, don't you LOVE it
when no one comments?
it just makes me feel so great.


March 02 2006

surprised me with a sonic
chicken wrap and a strawberry
lime-aid <33 that pretty much
made my whole week amazing.
she totally gets MONDO
brownie points from me.



February 28 2006

fell in love with a boy.

better than SNOW!(?)

February 24 2006

i haven't been this happy in AGES!

1) i had a good dream last night (no nightmares)
2) i got a cell two nights ago, vcast, baby!

that, my friends, is amazing.

pop muzic

February 20 2006

i finally hung out with carly friday night.
we visited ste at work after getting
coffee at starbucks.
the blow-pop was there.
he never goes away.. kill!

hahah. then it snowed.
and my dad baught me a sled.
let's just say it was f-u-n.

went to church and sang with the children.

i've been having really BAD
dreams, lately. so scarry
i'm afraid to sleep. =[

i now have saved up 80 dollars to
go towards paris. it may not sound like
too much but i'm terrible at saving money.


finnished my Bio. project just a minute ago.

and.. life is alright.

(i want a boy)


so i speak my mind..

February 15 2006

okay, fellow readers.

i use this phusebox to spill thoughts, right?
just as it was made for, correct?
99.9% of my posts i won't "take back"

i'm not going to edit my beliefs
because someone may not like it.
i'm not saying everything i type is right;
but i am saying i have the
right to speak my opinion.

i post only what's on my mind that moment.
while i'm concious of the way i word things
(i never post names of people if it would
embarras them in any way.)

if you're hurt by anything i do; tell me first.
because it won't do anyone any good if you tell
everyone BUT me you're mad. i want to
try to fix my flaws.



February 11 2006

uhh.. just thought you should know:

you tickle my fancy.

some white stuff

February 08 2006

how excited am i!?
this is just what i prayed for.
it's beautiful.


and of course i took pictures...

thank you
thank you
thank you


chocolate milk mustache

February 07 2006

sipping chocolate milk and thinking about
how disappointed i am in alot of people...

24 year old MEN who date 15
year old GIRLS discust me.
just the thought leaves a rather
bitter taste in my mouth. i want
to punch them in the face. and
tell them to go pop pills with
some sicko their own age.

when will they ever learn?


oh, and you know what
else i would like to discuss?
jerks who think that just
becuase they go to church
on sunday, they can be
completly discusting, mean,
disrespectful, and just, well, jerks
during the rest of the week. yeah,
because we all know jesus
only sees you when you're
at church. (note sarchasm)
just keep thinking that, people.
good luck.

yours truely,


February 04 2006

some new pictures..

i can feel myself growing

February 02 2006

i hope it snows alot tonight.
please, please, please God.
i could really use a break.

i've decided to give up
makeup for a whole week.
a fasting if-you-will.
because i realized i've been
a faithful makeup wearer
since about the 5th grade.
and i'm going through one of
those "clensing" stages..
y'know.. alot of alone time
alot more reading, less tv, and
long baths. and a whole lot
of prayer. i'm also trying to become
less materialistic. it feels amazing.
i can feel myself growning. i
think i'm on to something, here..


adolf elizabeth hitler

January 28 2006

just got back from the movies with nelson
the producers is only the best movie ever.

love love love



January 22 2006

so i went on a retreat with Carly's church this weekend.
let's just say it was amazing<33
i made some new friends, ate alot of junk food, and learned even more about Jesus and his awesomeness.
tres tres fun
loved it alot
even though i'm so exhausted i can't sleep because i'm really pumped about it.

never forget Bruce Gilley

he's been on my mind ALL WEEKEND!!



January 19 2006

today was A-OKAY for the most part (bout time my days didn't suck)
i know, i know... "shut up, abby you've complained enough"..

the sky was BEAUTIFULLL today (it was lots windy, though)
i showed Cari my bling in first period
i do believe my new freshman is my Science partner, Sydney.
she's tres smart. HONORS BOI AS A FRESHIE!? kudos, babe.
i'm going to make Sydney a See-Dee because she's cool. heh.
i almost starved to death third period
then i got some funyuns and hid them under my purse during art
how can something that smells like feet taste so darn good??
that's the question of the day, my friends.
made a video of a trash-talking hamburger with Ashley F during lunch.
got to drive home <33
and i didn't screw up and kill anyone in the process!!
that deserves an award.

it snowed (duh)
i slept in until 11-ish
watched viva la bam re-runs and gilmore girls all day
stayed in my PJs until about... 5 when i got ready for church
went to Belle Aire again.
it was alot of fun
i almost know more people there than i do at my own church o_O?

currently listening to:
The King of Carrot Flowers by The Neutral Milk Hotel

well.. i've almost typed my little fingers off.
better stop while i'm ahead


When you were young you were the king of carrot
flowers and how you built a tower tumbling thru the
trees in holy rattlesnakes that fell all around your
feet and your mom would stick a fork right into
daddys shoulder and your dad would throw the
garbage all across the floor as we would lay and
learn what each others bodies were for and this is
the room one afternoon I knew I could love you and
from above you how I sank into your soul into that
secret place where noone dares to go and your
mom would drink until she was no longer speaking
and dad would dream about the different ways to
die each one a little more than he could dare to try


January 16 2006

friday was
just not cool.

remember that time?

January 09 2006

wow.. it's been quite a while, guys.
i don't know... i've just not been into phusebox or anything that much, lately. crazy, i know.

so i think i'm going to visit Belle Aire again this wed.
eric(weezer) called me about an hour ago and asked
me if i wanted to go. I think i'll catch a ride with Cari<3

fun times.

so i was going through my pics today and some memories were tickled..

i look sooooo gross. camping. i look like a greasy sherrif. anyways.. Bre and Erica are some of the coolest people i know.

of course jesus goes to finding steve cunningham shows. i miss going to the cherry tree every weekend..

wow.. this was at 8th grade graduation.. i miss mr leach.

AHHH look how freshman i am!! i look like a baby! and ste's hair's blonde and ashee's hair is sooo loooongg! this is probably my favorite picture ever.

it's 2006 and i can't say i care too much..

January 01 2006

okay, so.. it's the first.
i'm in a really weird mood.
the thought of school
makes me want to vomit.
here's a Built to Spill song:

Twin Falls

Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho is her oldest memory
She was only two
It was the first time she felt blue

Cafeteria, Harrison Elementary
Beneath a parachute
I saw her without shoes
7UP I touched her thumb and she knew it was me
Although she couldn't see
Unless of course she peeked

My mom's good she got me out of Twin Falls, Idaho
Before I got too old
You know how that goes
That's where she still was the summer she turned 17
In 1983, three weeks after me
Last I heard was she had twins or maybe it was three
Although I've never seen
But that don't bother me

know what get on
my nerves a bit??
when people say
"happy new years"
is it not just one
year that is new??