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May 24 2006

so that was the sortest break from phusebox in history.

i tried.

phusebox is my heroin.

in other news:

SUMMER is here (thank goodness)
let's see.. i've made alot of new best friends
and lost one.
i loathe altercations.
they make me physically ill.
i loathe jealousy
it makes me want to punch a puppy
this whole bre's pregnancy thing makes me want a baby.
she must share it with me.
that should satisfy my maternal instincts
i got bangs.
i went to a pretty snazzy party last night at cole's house.
that is one welthy boy.
it was fun times indeed.
i'm currently boy hunting
and job hunting.
i don't care about american idol
brock's spending the night at some person's house
and i'm going crazy from boredom.


Sarah Vermillion

May 25 2006
Ahaha! You tried to get away but couldn't! Rar! Fights are no good. We should hang out in the near future, for you are amazing raised to the power of infinity and I miss you!


May 29 2006
not that kind. <Br>I puked a while ago and my throat hurts like a beast.