Abby Dee


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Oakland High School


April 23 2006

so i had the craziest
inpulse to quietly
grab your hand
while we were
breathing eachother's
carbon dioxide...

Sarah Vermillion

April 23 2006


April 23 2006
that makes me smile alot i lub you

Ashley who?

April 23 2006
Hrmm. :]]

Britt Rogers

April 24 2006
aww...that's cute. so guess what... I STEAL IT!! LOVE// Britt

Jessica Johnson

April 27 2006
Hey.. :o)

Bre Lemen

April 28 2006
awh. than you should have grabbed my hand abby!. psh. yea. i know that your not talking about me. dont worry. im not that uhm. whatz it called when all you care about is like yourself?? well thatz not me. much love to abbyz. --bre.