November 04 2005

HeY kidDoS!

O-M-G...tonight was some CrAZy fun!!!! Ahhh i just lOVed it! woooo hooo... lucus..haha HilARiOUs..and Kevin..n Wesley..Aj..LAuReN..JeSs..LinDS(a course) amyJAY..JOdYbiRd..GabS..KylEr..MichAel..TiFfanY..but not not not NOT NOT NOT jerEmY!!!!!!! uhh i strongly dislike that kid with a PaSsION! urg...but besides that my day was Oh So totallY aWesOMe! hehe i hope you kids a had GREAT night too..if not ill pray that tomorrow you do..but anyways gOts to Gos..hehe *Muah=hugs*

<33Myanism..haha thats a new religion..according to WesLey..haha Bebi!


November 05 2005
don't think i know who you are but you are graduating in 09 and you go to riverdale so that's enough for me! >>Comment<<<<..lol


November 05 2005
ha thanks.


November 08 2005
Woot sorry I havn't checked this in a LOOONG while... so yeah the tan looked good once I took a shower and Homeocoming was so fun!! I miss you guys so much and Im gonna update soon, hopefully >.<


November 18 2005
hey this is leslie! i sit behind you in math! just sayin hey! well see ya there in 6th! leslie