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Going Non Greek

October 24 2006
    As soon as i can make it official i will no longer be Greek..... i fully intend on giving up my letters!

Its all greek to me

February 01 2006
Background, I am A zeta tau alpha... and i am on leadership for alpha omega.......

so i have come to a conclusion : I am too greek for the churchy guys, and to churchy for the greek guys, is there no in between?

although i don't really care for the greek guy, not my type, but iti s true.

Ode to Nate Tallman

January 26 2006
Wow!!!  Last night was truely amazing!!! Church was amazing!!! God is AWESOME!!! my favorite part of the night was sitting at steak n' shake with two friends, one of which i haven't talked to in a long while, and talking about the scars that we have from silly accidents that we endured in the past. Nate you are a great friend, thanks for hanging out with us!

             P.S  Because of human error this doesn't look like we wanted it to!!! But you get the point........ 

Ode to Nate Tallman

January 26 2006
Priceless: Catching up with an old friend!

Ode to Nate Tallman

January 26 2006
Sweetest thing tonight...Nate Tallman paying for our food/milkshakes tonight at Steak n Shake...

Ode to Nate Tallman

January 26 2006
Scariest thing Nate Tallman down Rutherford...

nO tItLe

January 01 2006


December 06 2005

This Semster has been packed with all kinds of fun things, and with it came great people.....The first pic is Me and My roommate Amy she has ben my sanity .... we live with slobs............The second is a picture of the ones that carried me through some of my more  tough of time minus Colleen they assisted MY WONDERFUL SAVIOR GOD!    mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun.......

November 30 2005
    Wow the semster is coming to a close..... it really seems like just yesturday  that i was sitting a absolutly beautiful cabin with an amazing group of people, preparing for the semester.... where has time gone to? This samll little reflection has taking me back through this very unique and rough semester. It has truley been a bumpy ride... right off from the very day that we rturned from our trip all the way up to today. Let me start off by saying that i definitely tried to burn my candle at both ends, and the stress of all the things that i must do or get done got to me just a little, but it has also brought to a place in my life where i am thinking about dropping one of my extra activities, i am not sure that sorority life is for me. So some very hard thinking is going on in my part on whether or not to turn in my badge...... at the moment i am definitely at the crossroads, but i am leaning strongly towards one direction. Another thing is that as i look back i realize that i have come out of some very tough times even though i didn't think it was possible, and of course that is because God is Amazing!!!! Like after the robbery it took me a while to even feel comfortable in my own room. The heartbreak that i edured has made me alot stronger, and although the semester severed some freindships they eventually found their way back on track, there are a few that are still trying to work out the kinks, but hey rome wan't bult in a day.God is so amazing it is just awesome to think about all he has done in m life, and in AO. Although the semester was raher difficult over all i think that it was ood, i can't wait to see how next semester turns out.

Wow it is windy!

November 28 2005
So yeh the wind is blowing really hard, and i am pretty sure it almost knocked me over.

A Fun Ride

November 22 2005
My roommate Emmy and I, were taking  out the trash yesturday to the dumpster, and it was raining. There is this little hill that we have to walk up to get there, we made it to the dumpster fine, but on the way back down i slipped hit the ground ( pretty hard) and slid the rest of the way down.... it hurt, but it was a fun ride, and i popped up laughing... hehe.

mmmmmm that was good.....

November 21 2005
Wow Chasity and I teamed up together to have Thanksgiving dinner with our J-groups tonight, and it was an awsome time of fellowship, God truely provided, and we had so much fun!!! 

Walk the Line....... Renee's movie movie spotlight of the week.

November 19 2005
First off let me say that walk the line was an awesome movie!!!!! Reese Witherspoon was just amazing, i truely urge you to go see this movie. It is some what like Ray, and was an awesome portrayal of the Life of Jonny Cash.

A painting storm.

November 15 2005
Wow, the storm was amazing, i was at work painting the Empire state building for our King Kong promo, and just chillin with my fellow carmikians, when the wind swirled the rain up. It wasn't a tornado or anything, but the strongest wind i have ever experienced. The glass in the front was flexin in it was so strong. it was kinda exciting, is that werid? 

Hair cut, babysitting, and a dream is a wish your heart makes........

November 13 2005
So i totally cut my hair today, and i love it, it is a lot shorter and a lot thinner.... man i feel better....... i helped out the preschool today by babysitting from 2:15- 4:15 it was a wonderful experience, i had fun with the kids, and got to watch veggie tales.... thats another one of those simple things in life, it was an over all great day, except for this one thing kept crossing my mind through out the day....mmmmmmm idk how to get rid of it, i have been praying about it..... idk.

It is the simple things in life

November 10 2005
Is it not wonderful when your classes get canceled, i love those days  when you walk up to the classroom , and there is a note hanging up that says French 1010 is canceled for today....... ahhhhhhh how refreshing.

God i wanna be addicted to you!

November 09 2005
Wow Michale Kelley was pretty much amazing and it. made me realize that, with the hectec life I live that God, even though it is unintentional, gets pushed back behind my daily routine, when it should be the other way around, and i am going to start making steps that will lead that way, God i wanna be addicted to you, i wanna breath you in, i want to push everything else behind YOU!!!! 


November 08 2005
hmmmm i am so tired of school, i am ready to sleep in, and hang out with my friends whenever i want. UUUUGGGGGG it is so difficult to be a social college student........


November 01 2005
doesn't it suck that you can not always save your friends? I hate to see my friends go through tough times, and it breaks my heart that all i can do is sit here and just watch them get hurt. i wish that there was something more i could do for them. For now prayer is all i have to offer.


October 30 2005
wow, what can i say about the Fall Retreat, well to start off i absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere, what other place to take in all of Gods creation then a beautiful crisp fall setting. Coker Creek Village was amazing, I love the way that God works, how he pulled the ones he wanted out and sent them to a romote place, where cell phones were not accessible. The way He grouped us up in EVERY situation was for His purpose, and although I might not understand why, He will reveal in His time. The Speaker was AWESOME, and it amazes me how God told him exactly what to say that hit home with me ( that is a much deeper personal reason, but if you wanna know just ask). I really thoght that this weekend was going to be a getaway from the stresses of my life, but it turns out that God was really trying to show me something over the last couple of day, and although i mention it slightly right now, i am not yet at peace with any of it, and i am waiting for GODS green light to openly share, i am talking about it with my accountability partner, and that is the only person that needs to know rigth now. It took me most of the weekend to realize that God was actually answering a prayer, in a really weird twisted way, and that the rest of the answers are yet to come. You know one thing that has been bothering me is that i don't really feel like everyone, Ok maybe not everyone, but some people are not being completely honest with me right now, i feel like some of my friends are holding back somethings that they are feeling, and you know what i think that HONESTY is better then the weridness that comes from hiding something from somebody!! You know the truth hurts, but it helps ppl know what they are doing wrong. Another thing is that I would appreciate it when someone tells you one thing, that they will not back out on it, I hate (ok hate is to strong of a word, i dislike  Hypocrits, whatever though it has been a long weekend, and i am tired, like it even matter no one ever comments on this stuff anyways....... but it is a good place to vent.