Good News

August 03 2006

I am so happy. I finally got rid of some dead weight                     a.k.a."Mandie Burgett" she is such a bitch that she thinks everything is going to have to be about her. She really needs to get over herself. I am back with my Ex-boyfriend, Jimmy, and everything is running smoothly. He is such a sweet heart he brings me dinner when i have to work late and is very considerate of what i might need and i am trying my best not to fuck up the relationship this time cause i don't want to lose him again. SO all of my high school friends if you still have a life then send a message my way cause it would be great to hear from you again.

brigette adkins

August 08 2006
aww M!! im so glad you are happy and that you are feeling better about "the dead weight" i know you struggled with that alot. im glad to hear you and jimmy are back together!! (: enjoy. amanda is getting married sometime soon (most likely) so be sure to remind me about your invite. :P love you.

Sarah Vermillion

August 14 2006
Yo! I didn't know you had a phusebox! So how's the graduated life treating you?


August 17 2006
hey how ya been. got a new cell # give it to ya later.


September 14 2006
ya, we started. i think we've had three meetings already? idk something like that. but ya, stop by this week!! i miss you we havent talked in forever! sry i would have told you we started sooner, but i've been grounded so....yeah, but stop by this week! love ya - holly