Hell Yeah!!!!!

January 13 2007
 I am with the most amazing guy and i dont kno what to say cause its left me speechless.................. I kno that i have to take it slow this time so i hope i dont fuck up some how. I just hope that it finally works cause he is sweet, cute, strong, and real. He is really real and its great cause fake people piss me off.


January 02 2007
 My life is upside down. I am living with my friend mandie and her girlfriend. I am going through boyfriends like i go through sweets, pretty damn fast. I don't like it i miss all my friends from school so much and i haven't heard from any of them in several months. I dated a guy named michael it was a disaster he was a compulsive liar and i t drove me up the fucking wall. what am i to do.

Good News

August 03 2006

I am so happy. I finally got rid of some dead weight                     a.k.a."Mandie Burgett" she is such a bitch that she thinks everything is going to have to be about her. She really needs to get over herself. I am back with my Ex-boyfriend, Jimmy, and everything is running smoothly. He is such a sweet heart he brings me dinner when i have to work late and is very considerate of what i might need and i am trying my best not to fuck up the relationship this time cause i don't want to lose him again. SO all of my high school friends if you still have a life then send a message my way cause it would be great to hear from you again.


April 21 2006
I am depressed my best friend is trying her hardest to ruin the good mood that I finally managed to get into with a bunch of petty shit. This is becoming to hard. I wish it would just end.

New Guy

April 21 2006
   Well, I have a new boyfriend now because the old one got involved in a lot of drug shit.  Brandon is my new boyfriends name, and he is so sweet. I just hope he turns out to be better than my last boy.  I have Prom next weekend I can't wait. I am going to look so good in my tux. Brandon is going to be in a tux. He is so sweet about everything and is very supportive of everything I choose to do as long as it isn't illegal so he supports everthing I do because none of its illegal...listen to me. I am begining to ramble on and on and on...... I am doing it again  so gtg before I start rambling again.


April 16 2006
My brain is going crazy right now. I had a really cute guy ask me out and then I turned him down cause I am still a little confused on where me and Whitney stand in our relationship, I really don't know what to do anymore. It is one big ass, confusing mess.

LOVE sucks

April 15 2006
I think I am falling out of love and he is pushing me away...........does it always have to hurt so much. this sucks


April 12 2006
   This is becoming very stressing. There is just so much to do.  Prom is almost here and then graduation. I am happy but still very stressed. I have so much to pay for and very little money. I just hope that everything is going to work out cause I dont think I could handle anymore tragedy.

Good News

April 12 2006

Hello peoples I have finally gotten all the officers nominated for next years Young Artists and Writers Society of which I am the president.  I am so happy cause I really think that they will keep the program going. They are a dedicated bunch of nut cases but that is besides the point. They are so freakin awesome. 


Day of days

April 12 2006


  Yay   my boyfriend finally called me.    So anyway my days are getting so much better I cant wait to graduate.  I finished the blanket I was making for my friends baby and I started on a new one for another friend of mine.   My troubled days are coming to an end for now. This is so great.  Everything is coming together and graduation is drawing near. Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!


April 11 2006
 Time is becoming an issue for me. My boyfriend is going through a hard time and is ignoring me right now and my best friend Brittany is having a baby. It both sucks and is quite funny.