February 28 2006

Most all of the single people, that i know, are looking forward to romance. some even long for it. girls want to be protected; they want the "prince charming" , the roses, the affection of a man. a lot of people can't imagine their lives without a partner. we can get wrapped up in this imaginary romance. What if we channeled that longing towards a relationship with the Lord? he will give us more than any human could possibly obtain. we just have to let him in. at the end of the day, a "prince" is just a prince and a rose is still a rose, nothing more and nothing less. But God will always be God.

Rachael Moore

February 28 2006
amen to that Rachael! so true! if only more girls looked at it the way you do! keep seeking the Lord with all your heart! you will be greatly blessed!

Ben Moser

February 28 2006
rachel vance you are spectacular!


March 01 2006
now thats a good word squirt

elizabeth duncan

March 01 2006
I've been thinking about this lately...and I'll probably post...but after the romance and flowers and such, and you get married...well, there you are. Married. Stuck, essentially. I'm so not ready for that.


March 01 2006
ahhh definitely an amen to that one...hold true to that too! it's easier said than done...but that doesn't make it any less true! love you! i hope you're havin an awesome week! :o)

Rachel Chase

March 06 2006
PREACH ON! ^^ lol thatz great stuff! and i learned it the hard way...