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......letting go......

June 26 2006

I have decided it is time to let go of this guy that I have been holding on to.. I have heard so much about him from friends of his, and I am way better than this. I do not deserve to get used, and treated like shit. I did fall in love with him, and now I need to let go. I believe I am better off. We were going to get back together, but now I have no trust for him, and as far as I am concerned, I don't need this anymore. So I have decided to just let go. It will hurt me, but I believe I can make it thru, and be fine. And pray things will work out for the best.

        ...It's just letting go is the hardest part........

Life definitely isn’t perfect
you fall in love with the wrong people
ignore the most important things in life
make mistakes when you knew better


June 27 2006
what happened to everything? if you know what i'm talking about,.


June 28 2006
like before we got out of school. ah. just call me sometime i get off at 4 today.... oh i got my belly button pierced...