April 26 2006
I can finally update. I am using my friend Tashina's computer. I have been hanging out with a few MTSU students lately. I'm glad I met them. They are so much more mature than the other people I used to hang out with. I got my NO2 kits in the other day but have yet to have time to put them on. I had to move my car to a buddy of mine's shop to appease my neighbors. They were complaining about the noise of the engine. Nothing much has been going on of late. I found the J.T.H.M. shirt I have craved for years and completed the Invader Zim dvd collection. I bought Kingdom Hearts 2 and am almost done with it. It's slightly annoying at times but overall a great game. I have been weaning myself off of caring for a relationship. I have just been hanging out, not giving a damn about most things. It is a great existence. A hell of a lot less stress. I wish all my friends the best of luck with graduation soon and hope they succeed in life, whereever it may take them.

Meagan McCann

April 27 2006
hey kiddo... miss you!!!!


May 08 2006
WOW.... i never thought you'd do that to me.... of all the low down dirty things jon... i know we werent going out.... but still i feel somehow that... u cheated on me.... and damn jon.... just.... damn.... ~tRISH


May 22 2006
blah, blah, blah... im so tired of u wanting me to feel bad for you all the time.... u always say "this is goodbye" then u call me .... im tired of the drama... and now i dont care n e more.... either u love me and want to be w/ me or u dont..... and i think u really dont want to be and u just make up crap to try to make me feel bad.... but im not n e more.... im not going to beg and plead this time.... if u dont want to talk to me n e more.... then theres nothing i can do about it.... and i hape u go from being a loser @ circle k to a loser at .... maybe exon.... or some other higher up gas station cuz that all u will ever do in life.... good luck and i wish u all the best! ~tRISH